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Bie in Shanghai… (2/12)

Bie Sukrit on Sudsapda, Feb. 2012 issue

the cover

cover page

The idea of having this photo shoot came from a column called “outstanding” which talked about Chinese women’s favorite (celebs).  We thought, “why don’t we get the gang together and do a photo shoot in China?”.  We thought of the idea and we put it into action right away.  We called Bie and set a date with him.  One of this photo shoot supporters is Peach China which is a quality and professional tour group.  That was the reason why everything went smoothly.

inside article A

inside article … 1

We arrived in Shanghai around 5:00 pm.  After we checked in at the hotel, we re-energized ourselves by going out for dinner.  We began our photo shoot as soon as that night because we wanted to capture the beautiful atmosphere of old buildings around Nan Suzhou street at night time.

It got colder around 10 or 11:00 pm.  The wind was so cold that our hands were shaking.  Our model was the only one who stayed warm and looked handsome.

We couldn’t complain since p’Kim (the stylist) was so well prepared.  Outfits from Gas, G-Star Raw and Evisu were prepared just for Bie… you could see from the photos that Bie looked sharp.

night sky

night sky…2


stylist… 3


After we got enough photos of the night fashion, we took a cab back to the hotel.  We were concerned about our team… we turned to Bie and asked if he was tired.  We received an answer with good humor that said “no problem”.

We said good night and told everyone to get a goodnight sleep since we had to get very early tomorrow morning to do an early morning photo shoot.



Since the weather was kind of cool… Bie asked if he could take a nap.

When we were in Shanghai, winter was about to begin.  The weather was cool and comfortable.





Our job for the day was to shoot photos of an easy going day… Chinese young men and women came to look at us from time to time.  Some people might have thought they saw a familiar face but they were not sure whether it was really Bie.  When we told them that… yes, that was Bie… they were screaming quietly.

Actually, Bie has lots of fan-clubs in China.  If they knew that Bie flied to Shanghai, lots of them would have come to greet him at the airport.  We have to say sorry right here and now that we had to keep it quiet.   We had a small team.  We probably wouldn’t be able to guard Bie.



The view of the city is so beautiful… whether it’s Xintiandi –  A place to shop, Taiking Lu – a place to eat, center of art galleries, or Wai Baidu Bridge… an old bridge going across Hongfu river… the Pearl Tower.  We finished the photo shoot early evening.

We were able to get a beautiful set of photos from a beautiful atmosphere in Shanghai for this issue.  So, don’t miss it.  Since we flied all the way to Shanghai… after we finished with our job, we got a chance to talk to Bie.  We asked him about his very first trip to Shanghai for a photo shoot with Sudsapda.  We also asked him to give an update on his work for fans who miss him…





Interview… 11





Your feelings about today’s photo shoot

I did photo shoots with Sudsapda quite often.  But, this is the first time we have photo shoots outside of the country… with beautiful scenery… the weather is cool and comfortable.  Normally, I didn’t have to wear a coat.  This time the cold weather is real 🙂 but, we are prepared.. it’s quite warm and cosy.

 your impression of Shanghai

this is my 2nd time in Shanghai.  Last time I came, I had a full schedule, one event after another… you could say that I had to eat and run.  This time, I am here with Sudsapda on personal business… I don’t have to rush.  The team took me to eat delicious food… almost like doing business with pleasure at the same time.  It’s fun.  I like the architectural in Shanghai… some buildings are Chinese style… some are European style… the mixture of the two styles are so well laid-out..  The most important point is, Shanghai is a very well established city.

 your Chinese New Year…

My great grandfather was originally from mainland China.  My relatives with Chinese descent live in Udon Thani.   During Chinese New Year, nieces, nephews and all relatives would gather together over there to pay respect to our ancestors.  The adults will hand out red envelopes to the kids.  Since I got a job, I didn’t qualify to receive the red envelop.  Now, I have to ask my dad to pass out my gift to the kids for me.


Update of your work for Sudsapda fans…

After I was done with the concert, I was able to take a long break.  There was also short concert tour.  I still have to film Nut gub Nut sitcom.  When I had free time, I would go and get additional lesson on singing and dancing.  I just released a new single called “Na But Now”.  It’s a fun song.  It’s a new year present for everyone also would like to leave Sudsapda, January issue with everyone… we went all the way to Shanghai to do this set of fashion photo shoot.


sud 694-1_11_1024












Thank & Credit:   Exsi32 generously sent me a copy of the magazine… that’s why we are able to see and read articles inside of the magazine….   thank you, Exsi32!!!!!!  
 credit: for these great photos
sudsapda-1211 a

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    thanks so much…O(∩_∩)O.. sisss…Malie

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