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khun Boy: Why KhuKam? why Bie? why Noona?

transcribing khun Boy’s words from a VDO clip:  May 9, 2012

 khun Boy … “4 years ago while I was watching Bie singing Jung Wa Hua Jai @ Love Attack Concert…. a thought came into his head “if there is a Kobori in this generation, it has to be Bie”… 

After that, I contacted Thomayanti (the author of Khu Kam novel) about buying copyrights to the novel… people usually buy 2 years’ rights to a novel… but I asked to buy 5 years… and waited… I knew that Bie would be the right actor to take Kobori’s character… but we have to wait for him to be ready… We wanted him to learn and gain more experience in acting, etc… because this is a very difficult character to play… there are lots of emotions that will come into play.
Kobori is soldier who is also a lover… he is such an outstanding protagonist.  We have a plan in our head and have been working on it for a long time… not to mention keeping it a secret for a long time as well… until we think we are ready.
KK intro
As for Angsumalin, we have always been looking for her … who?… who would it be? who? who? until we saw Noona in Kuan Min Ho… finally, we get to work together on Ruk-Jup-Jai, the musical.   I became more confident that Noona would be the right girl.  Ruk-Jup-Jai is only a warm-up… it will lead us to Kobori and Angsumalin”.

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