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[Review]: Bie on Rak-Jub-Jai, the Musical (8.21.12)

♥Rak-Jub-Jai… Bie♥  (รักจับใจ…บี้)  

At the beginning, I thought RJJ, the musical was just a quick fix musical. After I had a chance to see it with my own eyes and after hearing people who went to see the musical raved about it… I have to tell you that I can clearly see how hard the production team worked on this musical. 

RJJ Komchudluek

Even though, this article is written a little late… due to too many hot stories cutting in front of this article… but it has been my intention all along to write and tell you about the latest work of an artist whom I have been following for some times… I have to tell you that the musical has all the components that fit perfectly together… whether it’s the story line, the cast, the scenes, the songs, etc… the play moved along so well that you forgot the time.

Come to think of it, Sun’s character is very close to Bie-Sukrit Wisetkaew (in real life)… the only different was how their journey began… in which Bie started from zero!!  An ordinary young man from a provincial area (Chiangmai), who sang off-key and who danced out of sequence… once commented by Ma Ornapa… today, he is no longer that person… The musical opened and closed with big concert scenes… it’s guaranteed that there would be singing and dancing going along with the story telling.



Every show, Bie gave all he had… he fully became the character (Sun)… there was no holding back… no shying away… he didn’t do the play for himself or by himself… he asked the audiences to get up and dance with him. Not too long ago Bie said on an interview… “Every single show is a full-blown shows… people expect to see a real live acting…  so, I have to do a real live performance to meet people’s expectation.

Bie also said some of the audiences are people who come to see the musical for the first time in their life… as a result, how could he not perform a real live show?

After listening to what Bie said… I was so pleased… no wonder so many people love him… As far as being an artist, Bie sings so much better than before… we can clearly see his improvement. It’s because he trains hard in every field… and he is the most discipline artist.



Bie used to say that he got to where he was, was because of his love of singing… that love turned him into something that he never thought he would become.

Personal life – Bie is one of the artists who conduct himself so well.  During his 6 years in the entertainment industry, we never heard any negative or bad thing about Bie.  He is a good example for young people. His charm and great personality lead him to gaining more and more fans… right now he has fans all the way to China and Taiwan…  

To understand why Bie is a good kid today… we have to go back and look at his family… Bie has a mom who loves him, who takes care and looks after him closely… Bie also has a boss like khun Boy Takonkiet who is Bie’s greatest backer …

 This is a great example that we can clearly see… everyone knows that it’s difficult to turn someone into a superstar… but when you look at the end result, you have to be very pleased…The process helps to create and build good and quality people for the entertainment industry. Furthermore, this also is a true meaning of “Rak-jub-jai”. Thing like this doesn’t easily happen to anyone… but for “Bie” Sukrit Wisetkaew, he got all of my heart… 




(รักจับใจบี้ Translated by Malie BIFC, 8/21/12)  

รักจับใจ…บี้ : คอลัมน์ มองผ่านเลนส์คม โดย… นันทพร ไวศยะสุวรรณ์



2 comments on “[Review]: Bie on Rak-Jub-Jai, the Musical (8.21.12)

  1. fujia69
    May 10, 2014

    Hi Malie, I have a question: you know if the script, not the storyboard, from RJJ can be found on the web?
    The originals script or maybe they have write a novel for us fan?
    Do you know?
    Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

    • Malie BIFC
      May 10, 2014

      No, I don’t think so… I wish there is one…
      by the way, I haven’t have a chance to work on RJ, yet… it will take a while…

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