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10 Questions People want to ask Bie, the superstar…

June 2013, Exact magazine (thank you:  Nachana @

June 2013, Exact magazine
(thank you: Nachana @

1. Favorite activities when you have free times:  listen to music at an easy going pace restaurant… I sang songs for fans all the time… sometime; I want somebody else to sing for me

2. Best place to go and relax:  Chiangmai.  When I got a chance to go home… I would totally relax… both mind and body… the most important thing is I get to be with my parents.

3. Favorite movie:  P Mark Phra Kanong… I had a chance to go and see the movie.  I love it because this movie had everything, i.e. funny, drama, scary… and everything component fit so well in its places

4. Favorite artist:  ETC.  I like their singing style.  They have such charming voices.  Their music is also different from other bands.

5. Favorite outfit:  on a casual day, it would jean, t-shirt and gym shoes.  On business day, a team will advise me on how to dress, what style, etc…My personal manager and costume team would prepare an outfit for me.

6. Favorite song:  “All I Ask of You”… from the Phantom of the Opera.

7. Favorite menu:  Fried bass with fish sauce… it’s a dish that I always order everywhere I go

8.  Favorite country:  Thailand.  I have opportunities to travel to many countries… but I think Thailand is the best… food, friendly people, etc…

9.  Favorite Stage Musical:  the Phantom of the Opera.  I went to see the musical.  It was so fun; lots of beautiful songs, most importantly, the sound, colors and lightings were just awesome.

10.  Your favorite kind of woman:  I actually don’t have a specification.  I only ask that we understand each other and she has a nice personality.  I don’t want to expect too much… I’ll let fate take care of it.

(Exact magazine, June, 2013)… Translated by Malie BIFC

(cr. Snowflake BFC)

(cr. Snowflake BFC)



2 comments on “10 Questions People want to ask Bie, the superstar…

  1. Suki Bie
    June 25, 2013

    thank you for sharing ….O(∩_∩)O

  2. dalovekobori
    April 12, 2014

    i will let fate take care of it.. >_<

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