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Bie’s transit got into an accident

Looks like Bie’s van/ transit  got into an accident… ran into someone’s car from behind…

Apparently, it was  Hat Yai’s hotel transit  and driver… but Bie got out of the transit and apologized to people in the other car anyway… and they were quite happy…

P.S. this is not the actual van... picture for illustration only

P.S. this is not the actual van… picture for illustration only

from this twitter

“p’Bie the Star’s van hit my father’s car from behind.  Quite a bump.  p’Bie got out of the van and said sorry… everyone in my family forgave him… scream!!!!!!!  “

Bie's van had an accident

Bie’s van had an accident


3 comments on “Bie’s transit got into an accident

  1. Pudding Lo
    July 1, 2013

    Thank godness~!! Bie is okay. Bie is a good people, can get good reward. Thanks that fans’ family. And thanks for your translation, dear Malie.

  2. Danuch Lim
    July 1, 2013

    thank god….happy that P’Bie is okay but sorry to heard this news :/

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