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By Malie Bifc USA

Bie: asking fans to please follow his work (5.30.13)

After Khu Kam lakorn met with success, Bie Sukrit said he plans to take a break before getting himself ready for his next project.  He also plans to take a trip to America to study acting.



Bie… “About the plan to go to America to study acting… actually, I have a chance to take a trip (to America) almost every year… this one is just another trip.  At the beginning, p’Boy planned to take the trip right after we completed Khu Kam.  But because Khu Kam received such great feedback from my fans and from Noona’s fans… Exact also has the Phantom of the Opera…  as a result, we have to change our traveling schedule.   I have to re-adjust my preparation a little.  I think we should be able to leave next month.  As a result, I will disappear for about 2 months.  Fans… don’t forget about me 🙂  you can follow my activities on p’Mum, my personal manager’s IG”

Bie and Noona caught fans’ fancy/ imagination as a couple คู่จิ้น  Bie talked about it proudly..  He said Khu Kam received wonderful feedback just by looking at the increasing numbers of fans whether it was from words of mouth or posts on various social network.

“Feedback from Khu Kam lakorn – I am very happy that people talk a lot about Kobori and Angsumalin lakorn version.  Once again, thanks both of our fan-clubs (Noona and I).  The push for us to become a real couple (in real life) was enormous”.

The devoted fans even set up a group online called FCTR… (Fan-Club Tong Rong)… or something like that.  I thought it was cute”… Bie ended.

source:  บี้’อ้อนแฟนคลับรอติดตามผลงานบี้’อ้อนแฟนคลับรอติดตามผลงาน


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