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By Malie Bifc USA

Bie: “when I am older….”

Part of the interview from OK magazine, July 2013

Bie "my plan for the future.... "

Bie “my plan for the future…” (cr: Nan)

Bie… “I will continue to work in the industry until I can no longer do it.  At the moment, I am not looking at any other field.

In the future, when I don’t have the strength or my limbs cannot dance anymore… I probably switch to the role of an older brother, an uncle, a father or whatever role that is easy.  On the music side, my plan for when I get older, is to sing easy listening songs”.


**** translated by Malie BIFC

“จะทำงานในวงการนี้ไปเรื่อยๆจนกว่าจะทำไม่ไหวเพราะตอนนี้ไม่ได้มองว่าจะทำธุรกิจอะไร วันข้างหน้าผมอาจจะไม่มีแรง แขนขาเต้นไม่ไหวแล้วตอนนั้นก็อาจเปลี่ยนไปเล่นบทพี่ บทลุง บทพ่อ บทอะไรบ้าง ให้มันดูสบายๆ ส่วนงานเพลงผมวางไว้ว่า ถ้หากแก่ไปอาจจะร้องเพลงเป็นแนว Easy Listening”   … จากคำสัมภาษณ์ในหนังสือ OK!

**** Thank you and credit:  khun Nan on facebook

from the magazine

from the magazine (cr: Nan)

Many people were sad and worried that phra Bie would not come back to singing and acting anymore… after reading this interview, we can all smile again 🙂

(p.s. Jack Fanchan on the Woody Show he said phra Bie has a project at the end of the year. Jack knew about the project, everything has been planned but he couldn’t say anything about the project. He confirmed that phra Bie will come back after he completes his monk-hood). 

In the mean time, pray and rejoice with phra Bie while he is in monk-hood. According to a news paper, he will be in monk-hood until the 11th.


3 comments on “Bie: “when I am older….”

  1. Suki Bie
    July 7, 2013

    Thank You for the translation sis Malie. …

  2. diana khatthavong
    October 30, 2013

    Did he find someone so sorry but im praying for him to get with noona. Those 2 r in love. They just hiding from each other.

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