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Bie’s Interview with Postcard… (part 2)

Since you are a famous singer… when you go places… did you ever feel like you have no privacy?

I am always myself… the only difference is people would look at me and said “that’s Bie”… they would come and ask to take picture with me…


Did you ever feel … like you don’t want to meet anyone, don’t want to talk to anyone or don’t want to take pictures with anyone?

Yes, I did. When I worked 7 days a week… so tired and exhausted…  If I had free times, I would go to a restaurant, listen to music and relax. People would come and ask to take pictures with me… Since they were my fans and they liked me, I would take pictures with them. But I would say to them  “I look tired… since I just came from work”.  If they said it’s ok… they only wanted a picture with me…. I would say ok.

When there was a group of people… I would put my hands together (like praying  ) and said “I am sorry… can we take one group picture?”…. I was quite frank with them and they said ok…. let’s take one picture with 10 of us.   At the airport, if  lots of people were looking at me and if I allowed one photo, everyone would come. If one person came and asked… I would say… “please let’s not take any picture…. If I take a picture with you, everyone would come… could we not take any picture?… but you can shake my hand… I really can’t take any picture with you… I am sorry…. thank you for your understanding”.    These are stories about people who liked me… on the other hand, people who dislike me may come and kick me.  Yes, there were times when I had to say “sorry… no picture please”.

Music:  who is your idol in music?

There are quite a few….  Lately, I have been listening to international songs.  I listened to Thai songs since I was young.  I don’t watch that many lakorn.  My #1 idol would be p’Bird, then Jay-Jetrin, p’Mos, p’Kristina who made a boom with her dances… I still remembered her dance.

I used to be very shy and afraid to express myself...

I used to be very shy and afraid to express myself…

(Page 40) What did you learn from your idol and how did you apply what you learn?

Bie….  “I like to go to concerts. If I couldn’t go, I would buy a DVD and watch it at home… which actually was more fun this way. In the past, I had fun watching the concert  and that would be  it. But now, I enjoyed watching and observing at the same time. Lately, I tended to obverse more.  My enjoyment seems to lessen. I tried to balance the two… enjoying the concert while observing.   I would talk to myself… “so, this is how they entertain the audiences… they do this at this part… they walk this way during that segment… they did this and people laughed… so, this is how they joint songs together,  etc… “

You said you like to observe people… how did it help you??

“I can definitely apply what I learn to my work.  Not only for the concerts… it’s also for my music and my daily life… when I met people I would observe their personality, the way they acted… the look in their eyes… I could use all of these in my acting. Sometimes, I went to a train station… when I met a wandering musician, I would pay attention to his emotion and how he played the instrument. Once I had a clear understanding of them, I would pick and choose what I could use on myself.”

what are your working principle?

I always have to improve myself. When you stop to improve yourself, it means that you are moving backward. I have been taught… in this day and age, there are lots of information out there… it’s so easy to learn about something … all you have to do is to go online… look for info on dancing, singing, acting or even about physical fitness… everything is right in front of our eyes… it really depends on ourselves whether we want to look for them or not”.



what are the principles you live your life by?

“I follow the KING’s philosophy… we would not feel the joy of giving if we don’t understand the word “sufficient or enough” (por piang).  Two steps  that will lead you to the joy of giving: 1. satisfy (with what you have) or enough 2. be happy.  At the beginning, I didn’t understand the word “porpiang”. I remembered the concept but didn’t use it. As I am growing older, I feel that I am quite happy and content with my life… I have enough (to live comfortably) for the rest of my life.

Now a day, when I sing… my goal is to make people happy. When I go to work or play a character in lakorn, I want people to watch me… to cry with that character because they are so into that character… laugh because they have fun with that character. At concerts, I wanted the audiences to be impressed with the concert and felt that the concert was worth their money. My focus was not on the money that was coming to me. Since I am already happy and satisfied with what I have (which means I am por piang). When your Por piang reaches its peak which is happiness… sharing what you have with others would begin.

Monk-hood also helped me understand the meaning of giving. When I did something for free whether it was a singing job, etc… when I saw people smile, clapping their hands with happiness… i.e. during the flooding crisis, people didn’t have a home to go to… I would say to them… let me go and sing for you, aunts, uncles… I threw out jokes at them… it put a smile on their face… it helped them forget about the flooding situation… and they were able to go to bed happy at least for one night. I don’t stress out about personal stuff that much. If I stressed out, it would be work related more than anything else.

In the past, I worked 7 days a week with no break. Certain project was so big… i.e. the stage musical… it was so huge that I had to use everything I had on the musical… i.e. my acting, singing and dancing skill, physical endurance, my concentration, etc… Sometimes, the project was so tough that I became so stress out about it… (then, I started to doubt myself) will I be able to do it?… (then, I started to tell myself)… ok, let’s do it and take it slow, one step at a time…”

when I sing, I want to people to enjoy listening to my song

when I sing, I want to people to enjoy listening to my song

How do you relieve stress? do you have a way?

I could easily relieve stress by listening to music. When I stressed out about something, once I listened to music… I became so relax, the stress went away. It got a lot better after I went into monk-hood. I could relieve stress a lot faster than in the past. I read something about stress… it said “when you are happy, happiness won’t stay with you forever. It has its life cycle and soon, it will be gone. Stress is the opposite of happiness. Therefore, stress should not stay with you forever, either. It would go away just like happiness.”

Sometimes, I feel like I have two personalities… I can separate myself into two people and the two personalities are talking to each other… One would say “wo! I am so stressed out right now!… but Bie you don’t seem to be under any stress”. Stress seems to embed in that one personality. When that personality shows up, I know right away that I am under stress.”

Since the Star search contest, we saw how you matured over time…  you received many awards… What do you think, that is a part of you that brought you here to this point in (life)?

“Probably, the attention that I give to each of my works or my projects. When I was given a project, I would study the project, figure out what the real project was and what it was about… I have to understand it well, know a lot about it… for example: acting… a character in lakorn… I am the kind of person who needs to fully understand things and understand it deeply. I also have to know a lot about it; otherwise, I won’t be able to play that character. It’s because I have an engineering head… I have to know what’s in front of me and beside me… every single detail. If I don’t know enough, I will get confused… as a result, I have to have a deep understanding  of a project in order to carry it out.”

What did you do/ learn to get to a deeper understanding of emotion?

“Actually, I learned from many people… for example: Khang Lang Parp, stage musical.

Kang Lhang Parb, the musical

Khang Lang Parp, the musical

I was wondering why the two main characters loved each other so much. Those two just met and they loved each other that much? does it happen in real life? I would go and study the technical parts of it.  So, (what about) Jack & Rose?… wo… they met on the Titanic… only for two days but they loved each other so much that they were willing to die for one another… could it be true? … after that, I would go and do more research on the internet.

I learned that similar story happened to many people. It happened in real life but it’s something that I have never experienced. I would try to understand the logic of it.  I would go and talk to the director. I would ask him about the character, his view point or his thoughts on the subject… or how he saw this character, etc… sometimes, I would ask a production team member who experienced similar situation.

After that I would bring what I learned and use them with my work. When I traveled to places, I liked to pick up different stuff…i.e. “so, this is how it is, etc…” sometimes, I would ask (people involved) point blank with no shame… like “so, how was it?, etc…”… after that, I would come home with the info …”


7 comments on “Bie’s Interview with Postcard… (part 2)

  1. doudoushu
    July 16, 2013

    wowowo,You are great,very hard. thank you.

    • Malie BIFC
      July 16, 2013

      part 2 is harder than part 1. A lot of great questions from the magazine.

    • Malie BIFC
      July 18, 2013

      thanks for the links… some comments are very funny 😀 I used google translator to give me some ideas and a headache 😀

  2. Kashie
    August 2, 2013

    Honestly if I was the fan he asked not to take a picture with I would probably burst into tears & end up making him take one with me. LoL it sounds selfish but I live in the US to see him would probably be a in a lifetime experience.

  3. myvibie
    October 19, 2013

    wow such an awesome interview!! Love all Bie thoughtful answers. Bie’s point of views are very mature…Thanks Malie for this awesome translation. i’m very appreciated your i can really understand Bie more 😉

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