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Khu Kam (Ill-Fated Love) epi. 15 ENG SUB

Kobori and Angsumalin’s wedding

This wedding  was a mixture of  two cultures, Japanese and Thai.   The groom was Japanese and the bride was Thai.  Since the story took place in 1942 and the groom was Japanese, the wedding ceremony  was of a traditional Japanese Shinto wedding ceremony.  The drinking of Sake ritual was performed followed by a reception.

After the reception, both of the newlyweds’ parents and close relatives would deliver them to their nuptial bedroom.  Most of the time, the newlywed would go to their newlywed home… but in Khu Kam, Kobori and Angsumalin went to live with Ang’s mother.

going home after the reception

going home after the reception

going home after the reception

family, close friends and relatives are escorting the bride and the groom hope…

The wedding night and newlywed bedroom ritual was in traditional Thai culture:

1.  Friends and families would be at the house celebrating the nuptial

2.  Parents of the newlywed would take them to their bedroom

3.  A well respected couple who has been married for a long time, who is wealthy, who has plenty, easy to raise and all living children would be asked to prepared the newlywed bed.

4.  The man sleeps on the right, woman sleeps on the left.  Reasons:  back then, the bedroom door was always on the right side.  Man slept on the right so the man could protect the woman from intruder(s)

5.  Preparing the newlywed’s bed:

*  May the newlyweds’ hearts be as pure and transparent like water in a pot (meaning:  do not keep secret or hide things from each other)

*  Let there be serenity and tranquility in your life together like water and a (green) gourd (water and green gourd – serenity and tranquility)
*  Let there be two hearts that hold firmed and solid like a rock (heart that is strong and will not easily waver)
*  May you live a long life, good health and abundant wealth till old age, etc….


Shinto Wedding Ceremony

the wedding reception

the wedding night ritual (traditional Thai culture)


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