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By Malie Bifc USA

Angsumalin in disguised (Noona in Japan)

Angsumalin disguised herself as a Japanese woman … flied to Japan to look Kobori @ the Tanabata Festival in Japan.  

Noona @ the Tanabat Festival in Japan

Noona @ the Tanabat Festival in Japan

In KhuKam, Kobori told Angsumalin a traditional Japanese folk story about “A Weaving Princess and a Shephard”.  

The shepherd and the princess met and felt in love.  They loved each other dearly by the king and queen (her parents) would not approve of such love.  They were forbidden to see each other again.  They were taken away from each and never saw again.  An angel felt sorry for them and magically turned them into two stars… one at each other of the Milky Way.  They were allowed to meet once a year, on the 7th day and 7th month of the year.  That 7yh day, 7th month became the Tanabata Festival.

(P.S.  there seem to be many versions of the story.  My write-up came from the Khukam lakorn, Exact version).      


***  Noona is Japan with her team to film her music video series 


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