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Bie’s Interview with Postcard (part 5 – end)

(continuing from part 4)

Did you have a chance to take a trip with your friends again?

The latest trip we took … we actually went back to Pattaya.  We left the political unrest and chaos in BKK behind and headed to Koh Larn because it was the closest.  I remembered calling my friends up in the morning… I asked them if they wanted to go to Pattaya.  They said “sure… let’s go”.  As soon as I hung up the phone, I packed up my bag and took off.  We didn’t plan ahead. I went with the same gang… but only 4 or 5 of us were able to go.  From Pattaya, we took a boat to “Koh (island) Larn”.  We stayed there one night.

Koh Larn, Pattaya

Koh Larn, (Larn Island) Pattaya

As soon as I got to the island, people on the island recognized me.  Seemed like the whole island knew I was there… well, it was not a big island anyway.  Later, we went to eat at a restaurant… Lots of people came over to talk to me.  When I was at our lodging, a native man rode his motorcycle over to talk to me.  He asked if I wanted a boat. 

He read my mind because we were looking for a boat. The man’s boat was a small boat.   We squeezed 5-6 people onto the boat.  We thought the boat was to going to sink. The boat that we took was actually… a squid boat.

The man said he caught lots of squid and that there were plenty of them around… Unfortunately, we didn’t catch even a single squid that night.  The man said it was ok… we had to take a chance.  Later on, we went out to deeper water… We saw small sharks… or something similar to shark… I didn’t know what it was…  3 to 4 hours after taking the boat out, we didn’t catch anything.  When we got back, the man was feeling guilty.  He said “how about this, I will give you the fish I caught and kept in my refrigerator”.  I was thinking … “ you should”.   After that, the man asked us to go and catch sea urchin.  I didn’t know how to catch them since they were so spiny. 

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

I was told… if sea urchin stung your finger, you had to pee on your finger.  They said in order to get the poison out, you needed to pound on the sea urchin until it cracked… after that you had to pee on the wound.  I said “really?… I am scared… why don’t I wait here and watch”.  We caught so many sea urchins that day.  We cracked open the sea urchins and eat the roe inside.  His technique was to eat it with wasabi and seafood sauce… they actually tasted pretty good.

Sea Urchin Roe

Sea Urchin Roe

Other than Koh Larn, are there any other places that you were impressed with?

Bie – impression on the places is only one of the components. A group of people you are traveling with is a very important part of traveling.  My latest trip – I took my dad, my sister and relatives, my dad side of the family from Udontani, to Koh Chang (Elephant Island). 

Koh Chang (Elephant Island)

Koh Chang (Elephant Island)

There were more than 10 of us. I was so impressed that everyone was enjoying themselves.  They laughed, they smiled.  Normally when we get together, we fight… we haven’t had a chance to vacation to together for a long-long time.  I couldn’t’t even remember when the last time we took a trip together.  But once we had a chance, we got more than 10 people together and we did everything.  One person played volleyball, another played soccer… others went diving. 

Koh Chang

Koh Chang

My dad didn’t come to the beach for a long time.  He took off his shirt and jumped into the water.  My dad’ sibling would come and sit down by the beach sipping beers.  Everyone was happy.    As for myself, I went to play volley ball with my young cousins.  We went diving.  My grandmother would sit down and watch her grandchildren played.  She was smiling with happiness.  It made me happy when I saw them happy.  

Bie vacationing with his family and relatives @

Bie vacationing with his family and relatives @ Koh Larn

When we were on the boat, the kids got so excited…”wow!”… “oh look!”, etc… it was a very happy atmosphere.  When I vacationed with my engineering friends… they are used to seeing these things… they were not as excited. 

Bie vacationing with his friends

Bie vacationing with his friends

But, when I came with kids, they would point this and that out and they got so excited about everything.  It made it more fun because those were real excitement and happiness.  I like to get all my relatives together again, the old, the young and the very young… there were variety of happiness and emotions within that group.  Yes, I was observing them   “so, this thing made this group happy ”, etc… I learned that people show their emotion including happiness differently.

Bie and his sister went scuba diving @

Bie and his sister

Places that you want to visit but haven’t had a chance to, yet… one day you will be there…

Phu Hin (rock mountain) Rong Kla National Park 

I saw a commercial or an ad on the internet.  It’s a mountain with a beautiful view of sunrise.  I don’t know if the real thing is as beautiful.  I want to go there so much.  I want to lay on top of the mountain watching the sunrise.  

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Thailand

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Thailand

As far as traveling in other countries, I have been to many of them.  To sum it up, I think Thailand is the best place to travel, especially for its culture.  People in Europe or America are not as friendly and maybe on the harsh side.  For example, in a restaurant… (a waiter) would say… “here is a menu… what would you like to eat?… I’ll be back to take your order.” They would stay quiet which was pretty normal for them.  If it was in Thailand, we would have a conversation asking about the day’s special… the waiter or waitress would say …” they are good… do you want to try?”… I would say…”no, I don’t want to have it right now… how about later”… there would be a back and forth friendly conversation… that’s how Thai people are.  Even with buying tickets, in other countries… they would say “how many tickets?” and they would give you your ticket(s)… then, go wherever you wanted to go, it’s your problem.  But if it were Thai people “how many tickets do you like?… have a great time… when you go inside, you will see… blah… blah…blah”.  Thai people have a friendlier disposition… and that was even before I became a celeb.  There is a tiny and cute corner of Thai people.



 what other country do you want to visit?

I want to go to Peru, India, Pakistan… I haven’t been to these places.

how do you feel about traveling in our country (Thailand)?

Traveling in (Thailand) has increased quite a bit.  For example: Traveling in Thailand has been established for a long time… there are many traveling agencies.  Therefore, there is no need to worry about traveling around Thailand.  Supports are provided everywhere.  It’s no longer difficult to travel in Thailand anymore.  I like people to come and visit Thailand. 



 Did you ever write a postcard?

When I was young, I wrote them quite often.  It was quite normal to write a postcard back then before cell phone or pager came into the scene.  When I got older, I thought postcard was so classic.  It’s so romantic to receive a postcard.  Whoever sat down and wrote a postcard must be a very sensitive and romantic person, and it’s a person whom you wanted to search for…

Postcard from Bie

Postcard from Bie

I sent postcards once in awhile.   When I traveled abroad, I often sent one home.  It feels good to see a postcard when you get back from traveling.  It reminded of the moment in time when I was there at whatever countries.

writing a postcard home

writing a postcard home

What did traveling give you?

In the past, traveling was just going places… there was nothing to it.  But when I came to Exact, p’Boy taught me many things.  P’Boy took me to different countries with him, many times.  Sometimes, I would ask him… “you brought me along… what do I get out of these trips?”.  P’Boy would say …”you will see”.  I got a chance to see the plays.  I saw how people lived their life.  I saw how people handled utensils. French style table manner used 6-7 pieces of utensils.  I was confused since I never used them.  I would say… “oh, that’s how they were used”…  it was fun watching the westerners.  “This one is cute… this one looks beautiful.”  

We also visited many countries in Asia…  Japanese are cute… “so, this is how they eat”.  I saw people wearing fancy suit.  I was like “I want to wear it, too… I never wear them before”.  P’Boy took me to a very fancy restaurant where you had to check your coat.  I was fun.  There served different courses of meal.  Each serving was so small.  I had a question in my head… “would the food fill anyone up?”.  Sometimes, we went to a cocktail dinner where appetizers were served.  I would say “how could anyone fill up with this kind of food?”.  We went home and ate our good old fried rice.  We visited many places .   



One day, I went to p’Boy and told him that …”now, I understand what it means to travel… traveling automatically trained you to observe… traveling also helps with the development of our mind”. 

 During a conversation, we would know what people were talking about since we have been there ourselves. Sometimes, a tiny little topic that caught our interest and made us want to learn more about it… or we would bring back what we saw and apply it to our work, in acting or in our daily life.  We saw people at different stage of their life… my thoughts were “so, this is how the rich lives their life”… sometimes, when I saw poor people at the side of the road… I would say to myself “a character of a poor person should be this way”. 

You automatically absorbed what you experienced.   Thus, traveling other than providing fun and enjoyment, it also gave us the experience and influence the development of our mind.  




3 comments on “Bie’s Interview with Postcard (part 5 – end)

  1. Kwan
    August 22, 2013

    I love reading Bie’s interviews. I actually learn more about him each time thus making me love him more. 555 He’s such a charming gentleman.
    Thanks for translating Malie! 🙂

    • Malie BIFC
      August 22, 2013

      me too… I love reading his interviews… he is a very thoughtful guy and a very positive person. I have more 🙂 will post it little by little…

      • Kwan
        August 23, 2013

        Overwhelm me. I can take it all! Anything for Bie! 555 😉
        Anyhoo, yes. He’s definitely a positive and very thoughtful guy. Gosh. He has everything I want in a man, at least I think so. 555 Thanks again. ❤

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