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[interview]: Bie’s thought about birthday (9.2010)

1.  Your birthday this year… 

To me a birthday is just another day that make us a year older.  Personally, I don’t pay a lot of attention to birthday.  If I am free, I usually go out to eat with my parents, or my friends… something small and low-key.  No big deal…

2.  What’s your plan for this year’s birthday?

Like I said, birthday is just another day to me.  Most of the time, I have to work on my birthday…  so, I don’t have any plan …

@ the Foundation

when he was 25…

(cr. this news clip to

(cr. this news clip to

3.  A birthday gift for you

This year, I was able to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  I went into monkhood for my parents.  It made me very happy.  

Birthday reminds us to be thankful to our parents who gave us life.  This is the most important.  This year I was able to do the most important thing for my family.  It’s a great thing to have done before my birthday…  it can also be counted as a birthday present to myself…

with his family back in 2010

with his family back in 2010

4.  Is there anything about you that you want to change?

It would probably be my work. I think there is always a room for improvement… change for the better. We do whatever work well for us.  If we will keep working on part that need improvement, it can only get better and better…

5.  The way you live your life…

Be happy with one’s life.  Sometimes, we don’t want anything more than just to be able to do what we love… be with people we love… live a comfortable life… it doesn’t have to be so lavish or anything… we all need to know the limit of our needs…  with all of those, life is good…

6.  What can be referred to as a “signature” of Bie the Star?

I think it’s everything.  I am not just talking about my name or my look… I am talking about my personality as well.  When all the pieces come together, it becomes “ME”.  It may not look like a “signature” … but to me, those things created a “signature” of Bie the Star  

7.  Want to give a birthday wish to people who were born in the same month as you?

Wishing everyone who was born in the month of September lots of happiness, good health, do all the good things and may all your wishes come true…

Bie’s Birthday Celebration in 2010

(cr. as shown on the photos)

On 9/3/2010…. Bie and fans went to the Foundation for the Blinds (home and school for the blinds).  Bie made 50,000 baht cash donation to the school.  He also served food and drink to the children at the school. 

@ the Foundation for the Blind

@ the Foundation for the Blind



In the afternoon –  Bie organized a party/ fan meeting at a hotel.  Over 200 people came to the party, more than 30 Chinese fans came to the event…  

Fan mtg in the afternoon

Fan mtg in the afternoon

Happy birthday @ fan mtg

Happy birthday @ fan mtg

Fan meeting...  more than 30 Chinese fans attended the function

Fan meeting… more than 30 Chinese fans attended the function

singing Happy Birthday

singing Happy Birthday

At night, Bie was singing at a nightclub.  Fans went to celebrate his birthday with him.


singing @ a nightclub

3rd cake at night

another cake at night

make a wish...

make a wish…

the gift :)

the gift 🙂


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