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Bie on Give me 5 show: Ruk Na Kha album, his inspiration, success?

These are just highlights/ interesting conversation from the show (03.21.11)

Ruk Na Kha album…

Bie:  I worked very hard on this album… there were lots of details … I had to attend meetings, share my thoughts and ideas, tell them what I wanted from the album, what kind of songs… We also had to redo a few songs…

Bie @ Give me 5 show

Bie @ Give me 5 show

what’s the difference b/w this album and the earlier ones when it comes to the word “LOVE”?

Bie:  A different way of looking at love…

       Siang Kong Bann (Voice from the house) – focus on family, homey feelings 


Anything special about this album?

Bie:  the main point would be maturity.  This album is a lot deeper than the earlier ones.  We wanted to show the maturity and that we are moving forward, not backward…

Why was Glua Tee Nai the first song released?

Bie:  We had lots of conversation about it… finally it came to Glua Tee Nai.  We thought it was the best fit for that time of the year

Talk about your work schedule:

Bie:  I actually don’t book a lot of job in one day, usually one.  But there were times when I really had to do it or if there was an emergency, etc… it might look like I booked 3-4 jobs in a day… it’s not on a normal basis…

How do you split your time?

Bie: it used to be very tough when I had to work on the album at the same time with lakorn.  It’s getting better now that the album is done.  Lakorn is almost done and it’s going to be on air soon.  

 The only time I get to relax is at night and at home.  I listen to music when I am at home.  When I have free time – I clean up my room, do laundry, etc… I have to do everything since I live by myself… 

"Ruk Na Kha" album

“Ruk Na Kha” album

How do you stay fit?

I try to exercise at least 3 times a week. Week(s) that I have a lot of work to do, it would be just 1 day a week… I also have to control my eating habit. I love fried food. If I wanted to eat French Fried, I would eat but at a smaller portion.

what is your inspiration? What keeps you going?

My inspiration – I would think of the day I came into the Star. Over 12,000 people applied for the Star 3. I was lucky to pass to the 8th contestant round. I can’t just say, I am tired I don’t want to do this any more …let’s go home and raise a water buffalo  (*^____^*)

Then, I thought about those 12,000 people’s dreams…and how they wanted me to reach that dream for them… I can’t just don’t care …

How do you relieve stress?

Bie – go home and listen to music. It works every time.

Do you listen to your own song(s)?

Bie:  many times and since I listen to my own songs too many times… sometimes, I have to listen to other people’ songs.  The best song to relieve stress quickly is to listen to song that I don’t understand a single word. I listen to all kind of musics, whether they are artists from my company record label  or from other companies.

Do you think you met with success?

To me, this is just the beginning of a journey. There are many steps that  will lead to success… the first step is to use the talent that we have (show it to people)…. two, be accepted by the public.

The most important one is time. P’ Bird has been in show biz for 20-30 years… same with p’ Nok Sinjai. They are good at what they are doing. Everyone knows it and accepts that fact.

Me,  I have been here for 4 and half years, almost 5 years. I still need advice on acting from senior actors & actresses… advice on how to sing certain song(s) or need direction on various singing techniques… I still ask a director for his advice… there are many things that I still need to learn…

What did you get from the Star?

Bie: so many things… specially experience. I get to meet so many people, be on TV shows, etc… I get to learn about people, how I should go about and meet people, how I should behave… lots of things… the Star has opened up a new world for me…

If you can choose, which character do you want to do most?

any character is ok… it’s up to the boss. The role that I really like to do is comedy role. Drama role with lots of crying is very hard for me… but since it’s a job… I have to do it…

You have done so many things, singing, acting, stage musical, etc….. what else do you want to do?

Bie: I want to try big screen movie … I did a 5-minute musical movie before. I want to try an hour and a half long movie.

Out of those things …what do you like to do most?

Bie:  singing… then acting

How do you apply what you learned from school to your daily life?

An engineer always think of cause and effect. There are steps to do things. If I did this, what would be the result? I also have to think about safety factors. If I do this now, what’s going to happen to the future… It’s a system that starts here and ends there.

What I get to use, is the thinking process… for hand-on:  changing the light bulbs at home 🙂

Which of your MV do you like the most?

Bie:  Someone because it was filmed in Macau. I like cold weather… I got to wear sweater and scarf, etc… it was also filmed at a beautiful setting…

what do like to do next in your life?

Bie: I want to keep singing until I can’t do it anymore.



2 comments on “Bie on Give me 5 show: Ruk Na Kha album, his inspiration, success?

  1. Sumnou Sindhurat
    August 27, 2013

    a very wonderful conversation i have ever heard,so impressive.

    • Malie BIFC
      August 27, 2013

      a great show… I like the questions they asked… too bad I find any clip on youtube

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