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Words from Bie/ Kobori’s Japanese Shamisen teacher

Bie’s Japanese Shamisen teacher, Kazuki san talked about Bie and Khukam.

29th of January, 2013

Today, I went to Grammy Building to teach Shamisen, to Bie the star, No.1 Thai young star!!

I was nervous a little because there was no attendant there.  But at the reception, I said, “Bie the star, Shamisen, teacher, teach”, then they let me come in.  Then I went up to 22nd floor, but there was no one who I know. (This Shamisen teacher seems to have been to Grammy company before.)  After that, a receptionist came and took me to a big, gorgeous room.

Wow, such a big star like Bie, uses this special room for practicing Shamisen!!

After a while, Bie came into the room.  He said, “Konnichiwa, sensei(Hello, teacher)” with smile.  He came by himself, no one was with him. I was surprised.  Because, in Japan, if there is a big star like Bie, his staffs or manager always come with him. But Bie really came by himself.


Bie and Takashiro san, his Japanese Shamisen teacher

We started practicing right away. Today’s song was “Sado okesa(one of Japanese folk song)”.  In the scenario, it wasn’t planned to play “Sado okesa”, but the director (P’Sant) likes Japan and wanted to add this song in the drama.
Then I got a phone call, and they asked me to teach Bie.

In addition, I accepted to teach him just yesterday.  Then tomorrow, they want to shoot the scene that Kobori plays “Sado okesa”!!  Wow, unbelievable!! (There’s only one day for the practice.)

“Sado Okesa” on Khukam played by Bie/ Kobori

But, Bie has a good ear for music, and he is clever and quick to learn. He could play the song in short time.  Bie is a handsome, honest and enthusiastic person.

one hour of learning to play Shamisen

one hour of Shamisen lesson with Takshiro san

After 1 hour Shamisen lesson, when we left, Bie took us to the elevator. He is such a thoughtful boy.  I asked Bie, “Are you from Bangkok?”, then he answered “I’m from Chiangmai”.
I have heard there are a lot of beautiful girls in Chiangmai. I think boys in there must be handsome, too.

Now Bie is planning to start his new career in Hollywood. He is going to US in this springtime. (It’s a secret at the moment now).

While we were talking, the elevator came.  We said to Bie, “See you tomorrow!!”, then left…

Bie/ Kobori played Sado Okesa on KhuKam

Kobori playing Sado Okesa in KhuKam

Kobori playing Sado Okesa with Shamisen




According to Satomi, they are a group of two, one is Kazuki san who plays ocarina, the other is Takahiro san who plays shamisen.  Bie’s teacher is Takahiro san, but the article below was written by Kazuki san.

*** Cr. Satomi for the translation from Japanese to English.  Thank you Satomi san ♥

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2 comments on “Words from Bie/ Kobori’s Japanese Shamisen teacher

  1. shiexengmoua
    September 1, 2013

    Its kinda sad on my part really, the only thing I know of the shamisen is that back during the fedual times, ninjas, especially kunoichis (female ninjas) used them as weapons, having a hidden blade concealed at the handle.

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