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By Malie Bifc USA

Bie, Exact’s favorite or a guy with connection?…

Bie humbly accepted being a kid with connection… but it was just an illusion

No matter how many generations of the Stars have come,  Bie Surkit Wisetkaew, a singer/ actor still remains hot… work never ceased to come his way.  He has done every single type of works in the entertainment industry.  People are saying that he is khun’s Boy favorite.  Not only that, Grammy is planning to make him the next superstar after Bird Thongchai.  Arkoo Paiboon is getting ready to make a push…  don’t know if it’s because of Bie’s capability or because he is  Ingfah’s friend?

cover of the magazine

cover of the magazine

 People see you as Exact’s favorite son

“At this moment, whether people said I am the favorite or not… it’s not important.  What’s important is I am sincere with my feelings.  The Stars love each other like brothers and sisters… we treat each other like family.  We know where we are and what we are doing.” 

 Uncomfortable being called “the favorite son”?

“at the beginning, I was annoyed by it.  After I went into monkhood  I understood things better.  I understand that there are more to what I am doing.  Like I said, we are like  brothers and sisters… like family… we have been treating each other this way ever since… it doesn’t matter how  people  see  us… as long as we are honest… we are ok” 

Many generation of the Stars come and go… but you are still #1

“Who among the younger generation… goes up… comes down… it’s not an issue.  Even if I slide downward… it’s still not an issue.  The most important thing is happiness.  I am happy to be able to learn new things and I am happy that I get to work on something  I love.  

I could forget myself… people may see me as a superstar… whatever, but I am Bie.  I am still a regular person.  Those names were given to me.   When I sing, people listen… when I act, people watch… that’s happiness to me …  when a project is given to me… I take full responsibility of it… and I do my best to carry it out.”

no matter what you are doing… you have to maintain good conduct…

 “not really… I don’t cling to it.  Sometimes when I saw younger guys, I often played trick them… sometimes, I gave them advices”.

the more you are on the news with Ingfah… the more people see you as a guy with connection

 “Everything is still the same.   Names were given to me… like… the guy with connection, the favorite son, gay mope… I am telling everyone right now that I won’t accept any of those names.  All I know is, I work hard… I want the produce good work… I enjoy my work… I want to be a good person and I want be a happy person… that’s all I want.  

When I first came into the industry… my goal was to move my family status up to another level… My family is doing ok now… we have what we need… what I want to do next is… do everything that is going to make me happy… be “por piang”… and give some back to fans”.

Whatever name… “the favorite son” or “the guy with connection”… Bie is still as adorable as before




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