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Ton, director of Teacher’s Diary talked about Bie and Ploy…no pressure

Ton, Dir. of Teacher’s Diary talked about Bie and Ploy, how the pair work out perfectly…  no pressure p’Mark grossed one billion Baht ($31.2 millions)



Ton Nitiwat Taratorn, director of Teacher’s Diary from GTH revealed that…

“At the beginning when we started to write a script, we didn’t have a character in mind… but when we continued with our writing, we began to see the characters… then we said… what if the characters were Bie and Ploy… what would happen?.  For that reasons, GTH grabbed Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew, a superstar singer and paired him up with Ploy Shermarn Boonyasak, the hottest actress.”

It’s quite rare to see a movie, especially a love story between teachers.

Ton… “Teacher’s Diary is a love story between two people. It’s a romantic comedy… Ploy will take on a character of khru (teacher) Ploy. You will see the real side of Ploy who is delightful, funny and very confident of herself.   For Bie, we saw only a fraction of him as a superstar singer.  After we had a chance to talk to Bie, we realized that he is nice, friendly and very natural.  For a while we thought… how come we never saw this side of them before?…  as a result, we put them to work together. Both will have to clear their schedule for the movie.

teach 1378382871-image-o

Bie… this is his first movie… more or less, what is your expectation?

Bie is very diligent with his work. I am not concerned  about his ability or his willingness to work. He is ready to tackle everything….  whether it’s the training or anything else. In fact, we are delighted that he is ready to fight with us.

The movie (Teacher’s Diary) is being made after “p’Mark… phrakanong” grossed 1 billion baht…  feeling the pressure?
“if I use “p’Mark” (success) as a guideline,  I’ll be in trouble 😀 We work hard to get better and better following GTH standard. We  won’t pressure ourselves because we know that we will give all we have.”

source:  ‘ต้น’ชี้’บี้’คู่’พลอย’ลงตัว ไม่กดดัน’พี่มากฯ’พันล้าน




2 comments on “Ton, director of Teacher’s Diary talked about Bie and Ploy…no pressure

  1. Suki Bie
    September 9, 2013

    Thanks very much for your translation, sis Malie..O(∩_∩)O..

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