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[MV]: “Questions of Trust” by Bie Sukrit

Song:   “Kham Tham Kong Kwam Waijai” (Questions of Trust”)

One of OST from Ruk-Jub-Jai, the Musical

Artist:  Bie Sukrit

Theme on the MV for those who don’t understand the story:

Bie & his girlfriend were next door neighbor.  They became girlfriend and boyfriend since they were students. They promised to always be there for eachother. Then, his girl friend went to study abroad. 

Unfortunately, Bie became ill and went into coma.  He was in the state of coma for 4 years waiting for his girlfriend to come back.   All those years, she didn’t know that he was ill.  His soul lingered on waiting for the day she would come home…

khuam 33tham

his postcard to her

When she came home, his spirit sent her a message asking her to go for a walk on the beach with him.  She went to the beach but he never showed up.  She went to his house and saw him in the state of coma.  She was shocked when the nurse told her.  While crying by herself, his spirit came to her to finally say goodbye… she knew it was his spirit/ ghost that she was hugging… (a ghost has no shadow)… there was no shadow of him on the mirror… them he was gone…

cap from MV

cap from MV






5 comments on “[MV]: “Questions of Trust” by Bie Sukrit

  1. shiexengmoua
    September 15, 2013

    I’ve heard this song for awhile now, so its from Ruk Jub Jai huh? makes sense, the theme of the song really matches the story of the musical. oh did I mention that I loved the song? sad ending for the MV but it matched theme of the song

    • Malie BIFC
      September 15, 2013

      to me the song match with RJJ better… let see if I can upload that part of RJJ here so you can see…

      • shiexengmoua
        September 16, 2013

        Most of the songs matched or sounded better on RJJ better then their MV story or studio counterparts anyways really:

        Poo Chai Rai Jing Poo Ying Yur Jung – the comedy factor is more present in the musical since its sung live and therefore Bie and Noona had the freedom to act out the comedy

        Kon Derm Kong Ter – The true meaning of the song is fully portrayed in RJJ rather than its MV counterpart. Since in RJJ, Sun made View believe he was somebody else (I forgot his fake name) while she was blind. So even though he fell in love with her she fell in love with his alias instead. Hence during the part this song comes, its power is at its peak (maybe even higher) since Sun’s hurt knowing he didnt lose View to a different guy, but to a person who ‘he used to be’ wondering ‘what did he used to do that I can’t for you’ In the MV, Bie’s female co-star left Bie for a different guy, which is not the meaning of the song at all (Sorry P’Bie, the song was good though:) )

        Kham Tham Kong Kwam Waijai – The MV’s portrayal of the theme is strong in its own right. But from the information you’ve told me, if Sun sang the song to View when she’s finally getting eye surgery, it completely matches that scenario better. Since View hated Sun through the media fueled by her hatred towards celebrities gained through her elder sister. So Sun’s worried if View would ever love him the same as she did once she finds out who he really is

  2. Malie BIFC
    September 16, 2013

    story line on MV Kon Derm Kong Ter and Kham Tham didn’t match with the song… they were perfectly match with the storyline on RJJ… MV theme for Kon Derm was totally off…
    maybe they tried to separate the musical from MV theme by creating new themes for both songs?

    • shiexengmoua
      September 16, 2013

      maybe, at least Kham Tham took a spiritual (puns intended) take on the theme. Kon Derm was the one that didnt even match, least they could have done was have Bie play twins, at least then it would be a little closer

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