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Open Bie the Star’s Heart…

Interview with Lisa Magazine

*** old interview (May, 2010) but a very good interview if you want to know more about Bie.  Bie talked candidly about many issues.

1. Your current work or project that you want people to follow…

Sitcom “Nud gub Nud” and “It’s All right” album which has a similar name to “It’s Alright” song. It’s a fun and fast song. The other 3 songs will be slow and touchy songs but Bie’ style …

(P.S. I think this interview might have been done before they changed their mind about “It’s Alright” album…. Change the spelling of the album and changed from 4 songs to 3 songs).

2. Real reasons behind the production of this (mini) album

It’s like this. It takes a lot of times to produce a full album now a day. We also want to make sure we produce a good and quality product and that the product does not look like we just want to get it done.
Many record companies now a day start to produce mini album(s). Another reason was we didn’t want our (music) fans to forget about us during the gap between albums. Furthermore, a mini album also serves as a test to the market to see what’s hip during the period.

For my album, if we started counting the days from my last full album till now… it would be just about a year. As a result, we came up with “It’s Alright” album.


3. Concept of It’s Alright album

It’s an easy concept. Everything about “It’s Alright” album is me, Bie the Star. The album also showed that Bie the Star has grown up. The most important thing was, I had a chance to be involved with the production of this album every step of the way… starting from coming up with the concept, detailing the music and the overall image of the album….

4. I heard that this album has so many types of music

Yes, it does. There is hip hop, techno dance, pop… we also combine sounds from different types of musical instruments that work and mixed well together.

*** will skip question 5 to 8 since they only talked about It’s Alright” album and they are old information 

5. There were news that when It’s Alright was released, many fans were a little puzzling whether “it was the real” Bie the Star

6. Personally, do you think “It’s Alright”album will be a success?

7. What are the highlights and fun part of this project?

8. What would be considered the toughest part working on its Alright album?

Lisa Mag (5/2010)

Lisa Mag (5/2010)

9. From our conversation, you often mentioned that you have grown more mature. How grown up are you in the way of showbiz?

You can see clearly by looking at my work. If you really look at my music, you will see that each of my albums, being a full album or a mini album like “It’s Alright” album …. If you really listen to the music you will see that the lyric of the songs showed maturity. It is not wishy-washy like before.

The music is also done in a more professional way. It’s deeper. Whatever it is, it’s still Bie the Star that everyone is familiar with. One more thing that you can see the change in me is the way I live my life.

10. Can you elaborate more on the word “grown up” in terms of how you live your life?

I look at things in a realistic way… not how I want to see things.  

I used to be person who had such high expectation of myself, not just work but also my personal life. When you had such high expectation of something and it didn’t’t turn out the way you wanted it … you became so depressed.

Past experiences taught me… if you lived your life that way, you would be living in a depressive life. So, I changed and began looking at things different way… a realistic way. I still work very hard, giving everything I have to my work. But I came to term with myself that, whatever the result (good or bad)… to just let it be.

The first thing I felt right away after I started looking at things in a realistic way was, I felt so light, so free… lifting a mountain off my shoulder.  If you don’t believe me, try to use that theory…

11. Let’s go back and talk about your acting … what are you working on right now?

I have sitcom Nud gub Nud and lakorn Dok Ruk Rim Tang….

12. Between singing and acting… which one of the two do you most enjoy doing?

My real feelings about this… for me, acting is more difficult. It is the hardest thing for me. I live my life based on reasons, but acting is not. Acting is above and beyond reasons. It’s art. When it’s art, it’s very hard to know which way to go. To make it simple (in my opinion), acting is an argument or a debate about people’s thoughts or perception . There is no right or wrong.

It’s more of who wants what… to turn out which way. Singing is something that I have dream of doing from the beginning. It is easier for me to comprehend than acting.

Which of the two I am most happy to be working on? It is very hard for me say… Acting is fun because it’s a challenge for me. Singing is also fun because it’s something that I dream of doing and it’s the real “me”.
(P.S. khun Boy said on many interviews that acting is a little difficult for Bie to understand. Maybe because he is an engineer or because of what he went to school for. Bie looks at things from a cause & effect point of view which doesn’t go well with acting (confirmed with what Bie said above).

Khun Boy said he had to spend a lot of time explaining to Bie when Bie took the character of Nopporn in Khang Lang Parp, the Musical) .  Bie questioned everything. If Bie did not fully understand his role… why things had to be this way or that way, he could not perform/ act… )

Bie Sukrit as Nopporn in Khang Lang Parp, the musical 08

Bie Sukrit as Nopporn in Khang Lang Parp, the musical 08

13. Does that mean you were confused when you first started acting?

You can put it that way. These days, I am searching for the answer to great acting. During the last 3 years that I spent time in showbiz and being in some lakorns, I found a gleam of answer that I was looking for. I will definitely keep looking for the answer.

14. Is there any things else you want to do in showbiz other than being a famous singer that you are now?

Lakorn. I think I was very fortunate to be given opportunity in acting by the executives (of the company). I like acting. If you ask me whether I am good enough … I would say I still have a lot to learn. I need to gain more experience in acting and need to improve the skill.

15. Which part do you think you still lack when talking about acting and being in lakorn?

I think it’s about experience. It would be a big help to have a real life experience with the situation.

16. I also heard that you are still attending acting school on a regular basis… how does it help you and how much?

It’s still not same experience as in real acting. I can confirm that to you.

17. I heard you are one of famous people who do not care about the news….

Yes. This one is true. I will admit that I don’t pay attention to any news. In the past, I had to do both singing and acting at the same time and on a consistent basis. I didn’t care about the news and didn’t even care to be on the news. For me, I just want to have a job to go to… that’s all I ask for.

18. You are very confident of yourself. I can see why you are being label as “the favorite son” of your big boss as reported on the news…

Being labeled as “the favorite son” is something that is out of my control. If important people  in the company love and support you, you are very fortunate.

If you receive the love and support but you don’t work hard… that’s the end of it. Let’s look at this the other way around… let’s say you are not the “favorite ” but you have something to show for…. I think this scenario is ok,too. For me, I would rather be in the later scenario.

lisa 5 2010 2

19. What is considered to be your worst thing living in lime light of showbiz in the last 3 years?

I can give you a very clear and a very straight forward answer to this question. I met so many weird people in showbiz. I am not just talking about two-faced people. I met mean and vicious people including back stabbers. There are so many of these kinds of people in the entertainment industry. I really believe that there are more of this kind of people in showbiz than in any other line of works.

At the same times, there are lots of nice people, too. For that reason, I try to associate myself with nice people and be more selective of whom I associate myself with, or I would try to focus only on their good side.

20. News about a relationship between you and an actress from the same company…

If you are talking about the relationship between me and Aerin, we are just close friends. There is really nothing between us. News is just news. What I am saying to you right now is the truth. Aerin is a very nice person. She gets along with people easily.

21. One more issue that many women and girls of Lisa want to know…  your love life….

I don’t have anybody right now.  I don’t have time for anyone. But, I am willing to open my heart for any woman who is looking for a man who does not have time for her 🙂   (anyone interested? 🙂


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