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By Malie Bifc USA

Bie admitted meeting with Ingfah in NY…(11.21.12)

But no progress on their relationship…

People are saying that Bie is khun Boy of Exact’s favorite. That saying turned out to be true when Bie traveled to America to study stage musicals.

Of course, he has to be the favorite. Bie quickly clarified that rumor.  Bie said other artists from Exact would get their turn as well. He would not be the only one. Bie was teased by reporters with this question… “could the main purpose for the trip was to go and visit his sweetheart, Ingfah?”… we had to ask Bie about it…

Rakadara, 11.21.12

Rakadara, 11.21.12

Bie… “it was a one week business trip with Exact team. I was there to study singing and stage musicals…the purpose of the trip was for me to learn and gain new experience from something different from what I saw in Thailand.  As for p’Boy, he went there to check on his investments, i.e. musicals.”

khun Boy hired a personal trainer/ instructor for this occasion?

Bie:  “you can say that… the main idea was to advance Exact artists. Other artists will get to go, too… not just me.”

did you see Ingfah?

Bie:  “:D  there we go again… nothing special. It was more like a visit”



Reporters teased Bie by saying… maybe the main purpose of the trip was to see Ingfah and not to study? 🙂

Bie: ”of course, the main purpose had to be for business… lol… I had free time after I finished my classes and we got together”.

So, you don’t miss her anymore then…

Bie:  “not because I missed her… we are friends.   When we see each other, we get together and we party”.

Any progress on the relationship?
Bie:  “no… we are friends just like we always are”

because of the distance?
Bie:  “no, not the distance… friendship lasts for a very long-long time”.

"Sawadee khrub"

“Sawadee khrub”

source:  Rakdara

(since many people are curious about Bie’s love life… I’ll post an old interview from 2012… so we can done with this subject and move on to his new single!)

Coming October!

Coming  this October!


5 comments on “Bie admitted meeting with Ingfah in NY…(11.21.12)

  1. shiexengmoua
    September 26, 2013

    Noona, Mo, Ingfah, Vill, & Aerin….. Too many ladies the media as well as fans are pairing him with. Bie’s right, perhaps he should have a dinner party and invite EVERY woman he’s ever worked with in lakorns and MVs. A Thanksgiving Dinner Party sounds good 😀

    • Malie BIFC
      September 26, 2013

      I am sure he would love to do that and invite all the media to witness 😀 wouldn’t that be fun? Vill & Aerin got BF already… they might not be available to come to dinner 😀

      • shiexengmoua
        September 27, 2013

        “Superstar Bie Sukrit celebrates Thanksgiving with Family and All Female Costars and Rumored Girlfriends” I can see the headline news now 😀

  2. Anne Cbfc
    September 27, 2013

    Waiting for Bie’s coming back,maybe he will give us a big surprise about his new project

    • Tina Lee
      September 27, 2013


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