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Ingfah’s father gave a green light?

Bie admitted to have visited Ingfah in NY.

Bie said he went to NY for business… admitted to have visited Ingfah but it was not for a special occasion. Confirmed that their relationship stayed at brother and sister level. Smile that Arkoo gave a green light to his daughter’s love affair.

Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew continues to be hot not only his work… his love affair seems to hot as well. The latest news was… someone in the faraway land, a NY gossiped spot Bie and Ingfah went out to dinner together, just the 2 of them. It was during the exact time that Bie was in NY. We don’t know how true the story was… it’s better for Bie to clarify it himself.



“Let me clarify a few things… my traveling to NY this time was of business nature. In addition, p’Boy and other artists, actor and actress including Exact team were traveling with me. There were many of us. I went there to attend acting and stage musical workshops. It was a special occasion.

Meeting with Ingfah… yes, I saw her over there. It was just a visit, just like any other friends visiting each other. If you asked whether we set up a date and time to meet… since I would be there, of course we had to set up a time to meet. I was nothing special. It was just a visit with a friend… nothing more.

The gossip monger said we went out to dinner just the two of us… I want to tell you that it was not true at all. There were many of us going out together. In addition, Ingfah knows p’Boy very well. It’s not at all unusual for us to meet” Bie said…

Bie reiterated that the relationship between him and Ingfah – are at a brother and sister level and he is sincere about it.

We also asked Bie about Arkoo who talked about his dearest daughter… “whomever his daughter loves, he as a father will love that person, too.. it’s normal” …

seems like Arkoo just gave a green light to you… Bie talked to us with a smile…

“I am happy to hear if Arkoo really said those things. But I am not pursuing Ingfah. I want to confirm again that Ingfah and I are friends… we talk to  each other like friends. It’s better to be brother and sister or friends … the relationship is out in the open and the adults can see.  Everyone is happy.” … Bie ended.

source:  (11/25/12)

coming this October!!!

coming this October!!!


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