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By Malie Bifc USA

Was Bie given an order to halt his relationship with…?

Bie argued… he was not ordered to halt a relationship with Ingfah…

Bie… “I don’t know anything about this. No one talked to me about it. Personally, I am not stressing out about this nor I am under any pressure…

But I am worried about big people’s feelings… afraid that this news would affect their business. When he talked to the press instead of talking about his 1000 million baht business… he had to talk about me.

For me, it’s ok. I am not afraid. When I am on the news, I have fun with it. It’s ok. I can take it. But when it involves other people, I am concerned about their feelings.

With this kind of news, do you have to stop the relationship?

Bie…  ”No, I don’t think so… I have nothing to hide… I can talk to anyone whether it’s a friend or anybody. That’s the way  life is. We need to live our life. We need to have friends… to go out, to go places… otherwise, when we get older, we may look back at our younger years and said “why did I stay home and didn’t go anywhere?” and I would have regrets… that would not be the thing”.

If you asked how close I am to her and if there was an order to stop our relationship… or whether I need to adjust our relationship? 
We know each other very well… we are close friends… we went places together… we went out to eat just like any other people. If there were an order, I would have to follow that order. But I am sure I could still go out and have fun with everyone… because I do it with a clear conscience”.

source: (date:  04/25/12)

a conversation between Bie and Hungtu

a conversation between Bie and Hungtu…

Bie:  “Hungtu… when will they stop asking me this kind of questions?… can a man have a life?  

they want me to be single all my life or what?  a man got to have a girlfriend sometime… it’s healthy for the heart” 🙂    

Hungtu:  “I hear you… I hear you… maybe they will leave you alone and let you have a girlfriend when you are 50…

so just hang in there buddy”.  

(written by Malie BIFC 😀

"ready or not I am coming this October!"

“ready or not I am coming this October!”


4 comments on “Was Bie given an order to halt his relationship with…?

  1. Jasmine
    September 28, 2013

    Thanks for translation sis Malie. love the conversation between bie & cute 555:)

  2. shiexengmoua
    September 28, 2013

    50? dang Hungtu, thats harsh, Bie can kiss goodbye ever having his own children lol but you really kept Hungtu in character. I can see him saying something like that

    • Malie BIFC
      September 28, 2013

      I am sure he can still have children at 50… the problem is there will be a big generation gab b/t him and his children… he might not be able to run around and play soccer with his son(s)… and the children may refer to him as “my grandfather” instead of “my father”… just kidding 😀

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