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By Malie Bifc USA

Bie the Star: turning dreams into reality…

A young man from the northern part of Thailand… a dreamer  who no longer needs to fall asleep in order to dream…

December 12, 2011

*** One of the Best Interviews – must read! 


Bie, Sukrit Wisetkaew, a young singer who can voucher for us that if we follow our dream and stay focus on that dream, that we don’t just disregard it… sooner or later, we will be able to reach for that dream.

Today… how many albums did he have? how many hit songs did he release?  what about his unique dance steps that people could easily identify with… with a close relationship with his fans, every times he has a major concert, fans can’t wait to attend… 

Many people are lining him up as one of the top entertainers (in Thailand).  No matter what people said about him, Bie never stay still.   He always wants to learn and to improve.  

As he is coming back from a long break, fans have high expectation.  They expect a person whom they love to show them something new.  Bie is not worried about that at all …because he gives everything he has to his latest work which is a new single called “Na bud now”…

As for a love relationship – he only asks for two things “understanding” and “love him for who he is”.

Q:  you disappeared for a while… now you are back to work on a single… how do you feel? 

Bie:  ”very exciting… I haven’t been working on a song for a while, many months after the concert.  While on break, I was doing some works and took a break at the same time… nothing difficult… I was working on this single… it took a long time to complete.  We came up with draft after draft, made changes at various steps… finally, the song is going to be released on 12/14 … it’s called “Na bud now”  

Q:  Your come-back… will your signature dance step be maintained?

Bie:  “Yes.  This is what everyone is waiting to see. We would never disregard the enjoyment, and the dance.  Dance steps (for the song) are easy to follow… of course, the fun and enjoyment will always be there”.

Q:   Do you feel pressure since many people have high expectation of your come-back?

Bie:  “I’ll do the best I can.  As for feedback, I’ll let the public decide.  Everyone including myself and the production team did our very best and gave all we had… whether it’s going be a hit or a flop… we will let the audiences decide.  Of course, we want people to listen to it and like it.  

We don’t expect the song to be a big hit or anything.  If people listen to it and like it… we are happy”. 

(P.S.  “Na But Now” was #1 song @Gmember Best of the Year in 2012)

Q: How do you feel to be Bie the Star, an idol to many people?

Bie: “Being people’s idol  forces me to think twice and a lot more…I have to be more careful with my thinking… When I was young, my idols were p’Jay, p’Mos, p’Bird. When I watched them on MV, lakorn, etc… I wanted to be like them. I wanted to follow what they were doing.

As a result, whatever I am doing, I have to think twice… if I do something bad and the kids follow me… that would not be good.”

Q: Personally… do you think you meet with success?

Bie: “Not yet… to me,  this is just another step of my journey in the entertainment industry.

There are many things that I still need to improve… i.e. singing, dancing, acting and a lot more that still needs improvement… it’s ok right now… but they are small things here and there that I still don’t know how to do.

If I were able to fill in the voids in those areas… I would feel more confident and happy with the product of my work. It’s ok up to certain level.  Things still have to be improved… I can’t stay still and do nothing.”

Q: we notice… people love you everywhere you go… any tips of how to get fans to love you and keep them with you? 

Bie:be yourself… if you pretend to be someone else… you won’t be able to do for long. Joke around, have fun with them… try to remember their face or their name…

Even though you can’t remember everyone’s name or face… be friendly… treat them like brothers and sisters..”

Q: deep down inside… what do you think make your fan-clubs stay with you?

Bie: “ maybe I am friendly to my fan-clubs. At concerts, I would look around to see who came and from where… are they from different cities?…oh, there are neon signs…  when I spotted them I would say “hi” to them. I would greet them while I was singing. They probably like it. It made them happy.If I see someone often at various events, I would say “ummm, this one comes often”.  If I recognized them, I would try to say their name… which makes them happy.”

Q:  Many people think of you as one of the top entertainers…

Bie:  “I would say “thank you”  for saying that I am an entertainer.  Like I said… there are always room for improvement.  I am still not as good as other people.  I can’t stay still.  I have to learn to improve myself all the time.  If I stay still and don’t do anything… or if I tell myself that I am good enough already…  it means that I am on my way down.”Q:  Let me ask about the affair of your heart… being Bie the Star… is it hard for woman to come and talk to you?

Bie:  “People may think it’s hard…  I am not talking about Thai people only, people all over the world tend to look at wealth, rank and prestige, or how famous you are… people tend to think it would be difficult to talk to a famous singer.  But if we look deeper… we are all human.   We all want to be happy… sometimes, we are sad and lonely just like everybody else…  We may smile on TV but we may be sad when we are at home.  It’s the same with everyone… for Thai people, they think it’s hard to talk to a famous singer… so, they would forget about it… but in reality, it’s not that way at all.”

Q:  seems like you are talking to someone…

Bie:  “I do.  I have friends.  I know a few people.  We talk.  Friend is friend, no matter what.  right now, I am with lots of friends.  Let’s be friends for now.”

Q:  Deep down in inside, did you ever feel that some women came into your life because you are Bie the Star?

Bie:  “sometimes…  sometimes I can see it clearly that this person talked to me because I am a singer.  My friends would warn me about a certain person… sometimes, I could sense it myself.” 

Q:  How do you pick (who to talk to)… or how do you say no?

Bie:   “I would be very straight forward for that person.  We would make some kind of agreement… i.e.  if we are going to see each other, I am Bie.  But if we are going to see each other because I am Bie the Star… no, we won’t be “seeing” each other.  I would be very straight forward… I don’t go around… this way everyone knows and understands what’s what”.

Q:  what kind of a woman do you like?

Bie:   “I actually don’t have any specification.  I just want someone who understands my work.  Not that many people understand the work that I do.  I don’t work on a set schedule.  I could be working early in the morning, late afternoon, or in the evening… there is no holiday or day off.  Sometimes, I would be called in on an emergency.  Most women want a man who has lots of time for them or have a set schedule… 8:00 am to 4:00 pm… go home after work and have dinner with family, etc… that’s why it’s hard to find someone who would understand and accept my situation”.

Q:  the Star 8 – do you want to say something to the younger generation?


Bie…    ”Everyone has a dream.  Do the best you can and don’t disregard your dream.  

Dream is a life goal.  It’s a purpose in life.  

It tells you which direction to take in order to achieve the goal.  

Keep those dreams… one day, your dream will be realized… whether it’s sooner or later.”


PG. 1

PG. 1



"Na But Now"

“Na But Now”













4 comments on “Bie the Star: turning dreams into reality…

  1. shiexengmoua
    September 30, 2013

    Wow!! What a great interview!! Great answers by Big Brother Bie and Great questions by the interviewer too!! P’Bie actually tries to remember some of his fans faces/names. Now thats really saying something

    • Malie BIFC
      September 30, 2013

      I love this interview. I think this was one of the Best interviews.

      Both the interviewer and interviewee were very articulated with their questions and answers. Bie gave very clear and insightful answers… lots of great points that we can all learn from him.

  2. Danuch Lim
    October 1, 2013

    wow…it’s cool

  3. Nii Xiong
    November 30, 2013

    This interview had a lot of clear meanings and I was amazed at bie! He said that he tries to remember his fans!!! Oh wow I wish I was there ahaha.

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