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Bie’s journey… how he got started in showbiz

*** credit tippawan for the clip

Interesting points from the above clip:

1.  khun Boy stop the making of a superstar for 10 years… he said he was tired of doing it.

Aom Piyada was the last one. He came back 10 years later trying to work on Bie and Mew.

Bie as Tonnam

Bie as Tonnam

2.  Bie said a few people warned him about khun Boy’s temper.

Bie talked about khun Boy

Bie talked about khun Boy

He didn’t believe them until the 1st day of filming Roy Adeed Heng Rak… That day was also the official opening day of Roy Adeed Heng Rak.  There were lots of cameras and reporters covering the news… Bie thought… khun Boy would not say anything in front of reporters if he made mistakes.  

People said “you are so lucky to be directed by p’Boy… but BEWARE!”

khun Boy directed Roy Adeed Heng Ruk

khun Boy directed Roy Adeed Heng Ruk

The opening scene came.  Bie couldn’t do it.  Bie had to do lots of retakes… khun Boy dropped a big BOMB!!    Reporters saw the bombs, they dispersed in a quick second  :) 

Bie said he turned around… there was not even a single reporter left. They were gone! 😀

khun Phitsamai who played Tonnam's grandmother

khun Phitsamai who played Tonnam’s grandmother

Khun Phitsamai talked about Bie (the one who played Tonnam’s grandmother): 

khun Boy screamed and yell at Bie a lot more than anybody else.  Bie never threw tantrum, never made face no matter what khun Boy said. She  felt bad for him… so she came to talk to him and gave him encouraging words…  

She said…  “Bie, this is your opportunity… it took many years before older actors and actresses to get to where you are. You are very lucky to be given this opportunity.”



Noom:  I was quite dumbfounded when  people look down at Bie… (to be continued)…


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