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“Behind the Painting”… 1st read through

Read Through:  Cast & Characters:

The story took place in 1933, one year after Siamese Revolution.  The nation  had undergone major changes in the political system. 

Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew as Nopporn, a 22 years old young Thai student.  Nopporn was quite bored with life and was looking for some excitement.  He was quite a progressive person.  When the campaign to modernize Thailand began, Nopporn said “Yes!”.  

He had a chance to go and study in Japan, which during that time Japan was the most modernized nation in Asia.   Nopporn not only in love with modernization, he was also in love with America.  He wanted so much to become an American that he would try very hard to forget about his Thai root.  While he was a student in Japan, he met Katherine, a wife of a Thai Diplomat.  Nopporn fell head over heel in love with Katherine to the point of obsession.  Nopporn did not only fell head over heel in love with Katherine, he was  also in love with America.  

Bie Sukrit as Nopporn

Bie Sukrit as Nopporn

Jill Paice as Katherine, a 35 years old American woman married Chao Kun Atikarn, a Siamese Diplomat to Japan who was 30 years older than she was.  She was a good wife to Chao Kun… until when she met Nopporn. 

Katherine told Nopporn…”you have a beautiful tradition and culture… you should look at it again and look deeply”… Their love affair somehow made him look back to the beauty of his root and turn to appreciate it even more.

The original story:  Kirati was a 35 years old Thai woman who never met real love in her life.  She was considered an old maid.  She married Chao Kun just for the sake of getting married.  Chao kun was actually her father’s friend. 

Hannah Florence as Pree – as Nopporn’s wife.

Thom Sesma as Chao Khun Atikarn, a 65 years old man, a widower with two adult children.  He is a Thai diplomat in foreign service.  He married Katherine, an American woman 30 years younger than he is.   In his professional life, he is a man of powerful eminence; in his personal life, he is scared, shy, and confused and it’s because he knows that he cannot make his young wife happy.

Brooke Ishibashi as Nuan who is Chao-Kun’s devoted and long time family servant.  She holds firmly to Thai traditions and culture, including status.  Her devotion to Chao-Kun is tested by his new young American wife; through the course of the play, they find mutual respect and affection.

Karl Josef as Santi, one of Nopporn’s friends.  Santi is fun and lively man.  He studies to become a banker. 

Kennedy Kanagawa as Surin, another one of Nopporn’s friends… he is a little heavy, funny and loves to eat.  He studies to become an entrepreneur.

Steven Eng as a Japanese Foreign Minister; rigid man, yet very well mannered in a diplomatic way. He does not like America because he is afraid that America plans to take over Asia. 

Kimiko Glenn as Kumiko, a pretty Japanese woman; a modern university student, a New Yorker.  Kumiko is lively, energetic, and can be considered outrageous compared to other traditional Japanese women.

the CAST

the CAST


22 comments on ““Behind the Painting”… 1st read through

  1. Kwan
    October 3, 2013

    I’m so jealous. 555 But Thank God this play is here in the US. I’m definitely going to go watch it. I’m not going to miss out on see my Bie! 😀 Thanks.

    • Malie BIFC
      October 3, 2013

      you are? all right!!!

      • Kwan
        October 3, 2013

        I’m determined to. lol The only problem is that I have still have school during the time they start showing. If only I was still in HS. It’ll be a lot easier to skip school. 555 Ever since I got the chance to watch Wicked The Musical and of course RJJ The Romantic Musical, I’ve become obsess with musicals. Therefore, I have to watch this, but I’m not entirely sure about how I feel towards my Bie pairing up with Jill. 555 It’s going to be really different. Nonetheless, I’m happy and proud of Bie. Hopefully this will be his international breakthrough. 😀

  2. shiexengmoua
    October 3, 2013

    This is just what Big Brother Bie needs to start him off on the quest that Khun Boy has given him as an International Superstar. I don’t know much about Jill Paice since I know nothing about musicals in the US. But judging by her wikipedia page, she’s perfect for helping P’BIe know how musicals in the US differs from Thailand (if there really is any that is) .

    On another note, I like how they basically edited the original story a bit to change it from a Thai+Japanese Love story to a THai+American Love story but still include the Japanese in there too

    • Malie BIFC
      October 3, 2013

      yeah, I thought it was quite interesting. Jill has lots of experience in theater plays and musicals. She will be a great partner for Bie. I wonder how they are going to play this out… Chao-kun married an American wife and took her to Japan with him?

  3. Pudding Lo
    October 3, 2013

    55555555 JUST entertainment only? Thanks for your information, looking forward to the real one……….

    • Malie BIFC
      October 3, 2013

      that’s all the info I could find… we should know more once they make an official announcement. It’s on the news almost everywhere in Thailand today 😀

  4. Pudding Lo
    October 3, 2013

    Wow wow wow~!!!! you girls/guys in USA.must BE SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

    • Malie BIFC
      October 3, 2013

      we are thrilled!!!! yay!!!!! want to scream 😀

  5. Malie BIFC
    October 3, 2013

    Jill Paice (Nopporn’s Katherine)

  6. Malie BIFC
    October 3, 2013

    “I have loved” by Nopporn (Thai version)… my fav. song 🙂

    • Chuah
      October 4, 2013

      YES!! I thought about all of the songs and cannot wait to see how they will develop everything into English. Koey Rak is undoubtedly my favorite. XD

  7. thanawanjohnstone
    October 5, 2013

    I’ve just started planning my trip to New York just to see Bie on stage. I wish they had a show during the summer time , because the cold winter becomes a bit unbearable for me and my husband now . But it will be my first experience to watch stage show in Broadway .

    • Malie BIFC
      October 7, 2013

      same here… why in January? 😦 can’t it in the Spring? or Summer?

      hope. we have good weather this year… I don’t like to travel in the Winter.
      It will be my first time, too…

      • Kashie
        October 14, 2013

        Aren’t the dates in Jan just rehearsals? Or is the broadway dates?

      • Malie BIFC
        October 14, 2013

        we don’t know for sure, yet… that’s why we need more info

    October 9, 2013

    are there ticket on sale now?

    • Malie BIFC
      October 9, 2013

      not yet… it’s not official announcement, yet…
      we actually found out about it before they make an official announcement. Right now, we are waiting for the big announcement and for an official info.

  9. Malie BIFC
    October 15, 2013

    Khun Boy is going to have a press conference on Behind the Painting, 10/15… stay tune for more info…

  10. fujia69
    January 12, 2014

    I’ve see the Movie with Ken, I loved and hated Nopporn. But at the end, I could only cry for him. “I have loved” by Nopporn (Thai version) This song make me cry again.
    Love Bie’s wonderful and soulful voice.

    • Malie BIFC
      January 12, 2014

      I love that song so much… so sad so deep and meaningful… I became Bie’s fan because of that song… it was the starting point. All these years, I still listen to it… never get bored…

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