Bie Sukrit International Fan-club

By Malie Bifc USA

To Bie Translators…

I have a request to all Bie translators, 

You guys are doing a great job with giving credits.

However, I am requesting that from now on… my translated materials be credit to: 

(Malie BIFC) Bie Sukrit Int’l 

I know it’s long but it’s more official since the material(s) you got, are from this website. This way everyone would know where the info/ material came from and it could be easily track. One day someone may want to trace the original source, he/she will know where to look for. It will make our life a lot easier. 

Credit: Malie BIFC doesn’t tell the source or where it came from, unless the material(s) was not posted on this website. Since I translated a lot of materials… sometimes, I even forgot if I did the translation.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Let me know if you have any questions. I sound so official.   Bie is going Broadway… fans/ translators like us have to turn Pro like him 🙂

Malie BIFC

calling my translators....

calling my translators….


One comment on “To Bie Translators…

  1. serey
    October 11, 2013

    Hi malie.
    Thanks so much for lets us know that Bie will come to US in 2014 in N.Y. can you tell me how to get the ticket to go see the show please i really want to c Bie I’m so existing thank you for your hard work

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