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By Malie Bifc USA

Bie, the Freeman…

What does Bie the Freeman do when he has free times?

Bie, the freeman

Bie, the freeman

You seem to have a lot of free times lately… what have you been doing?

I still go to the gym… take singing and dancing lessons… sometime I would go and take a look at songs with my producer… I’ll go and hang out with my friends… take my car to a shop to get it fix… doing things that I was not able to do.  

When I have free times, I do everything myself… laundry by dropping coins in the washing machine (no, I didn’t wash them by hand )… and put them in the dryer… those easy stuff”

I guess Bie didn't do this

I guess Bie didn’t do this :))))  (don’t kill me)

you have to take a break because you have been working very hard…

yes, I worked very hard before, 7 days & 7 nights… day in and day out… it was tough. I didn’t even have time to do any laundry. Now that I have free times, I just go for it… laundry was the first thing on my to do list”

Did people around there (in your condo) look at you when they saw you dropped a few coins in the washing machine?
“they are so used to seeing me at the laundry room… they don’t look at me any more”

I guess Bie didn't do this...

at least, he is not doing this himself

Don’t you want to buy a washing machine for your own use?
“my room is small… it would be so cluttered if I brought in a washing machine”

Why don’t you find a bigger place to stay, you are Bie the Star?
“wait until I have enough money to buy a bigger room… but for now, this room will do”

Someone like you, not rich enough?
“I would say… enough to live”

Don’t you want someone (like a girl) to come and help you clean up your room?
“good idea!  It would be nice if someone would volunteer to come… I welcome anyone… I am not picky… anyone will do”

 you have more times to spend with your family now
“Yes, I have a lot of free time now… my mom comes to stay with me often… when she comes, I usually take her around BKK… she is now the happiest elderly lady ” 

your mom now has a famous son… is she very protective of you?
No, she is not… not at all. She doesn’t get involved with my work or my personal life. When she knows that I am doing well, happy and smiling… she is happy. The only thing she worries about is my health… other than that there is nothing else she worries about…”

what about women… does your mom have any concern?
not at all… I does not worried about me, my work or anything … she understands that I am old enough (to take care of myself)… it’s more like she keeps her eyes on me at the sideline.

Sometimes, when I was on TV and she saw me walking like a hunchback, she would call and tell me not to do so. It’s not good for my posture. It’s little things here and there… my mom doesn’t get involved with my personal life at all”

did your mom ever tease you or ask you  when you are going to have a girlfriend?
no, never… my mom doesn’t get involved with this kind of things”

there is no girl around to get you excited?
“there are some… to get me going … but if you ask whether I have a real one, yet.. the answer is no, I don’t have any girlfriend, yet”

so, you admitted that you are talking to someone… (they tried to corner him 🙂
“Well… I am not perfect… I have feelings, too. It was never my intention to stay single all my life.  Yes, I talk to someone… it would be sinful to lie.  I also want to have a family when I am 35. When I saw people bringing their kids over… I thought… hummm, it would be nice to have kids of my own”.

you wanted to have a family but you are not doing anything about it, yet…
“it’s more like… this is not the right time yet… it’s better for me to be with friends and with myself for now”.

your close friend, Ingfah… how is it going?
she is cute… we said hi and sometime, we talk”

did you have a chance to see her?
No… I haven’t seen her for a while”

heard, she came to practice dancing with you
she didn’t come for a long time. I dance by myself now”

maybe you don’t get to talk to her that much because her father doesn’t want her to be on the news?
“I have no idea. I can still talk to her… as a brother and sister or as a friend… we know each other since I started working at Grammy”

Is Ingfah your spec?
I don’t have any specification. I only ask that she is honest with me… my work hours fluctuate… I may work late at night to the morning hours or vice versa. Not a lot of people understand. When I get to see her… I get to see her. I work very late into the night.

I may get emergency calls late at night… I don’t have lots of free times. It’s hard to find a girl who would understand the way my life is… it’s because I don’t work 8 hours a day… 8:00 am to 4:00 pm… and off on weekends…”‘

you are happy with your life, you are not searching for something else…
I am very happy with my life right now. I am still young. I don’t have a lot of responsibility, yet. I am happy being where I am at.

If one day, I have a family… I would have more responsibility… I would have to expand my horizon… but the present, I have a good job… my parents and family are taken care of…”

we can say that you are happy with your single life…
“yes, I am happy… right now, I am a freeman with no girl friend”

Anyone interested?

Anyone interested?

*** source: (เมาท์ซี magazine, November 17, 2011)… translated by Malie Bifc 

thank you: for posting


4 comments on “Bie, the Freeman…

  1. Malie BIFC
    October 8, 2013

    I will sub this song later…

  2. shiexengmoua
    October 8, 2013

    If you ask me Bie seems like the type of person who would gives for those he loves and those needs but never for himself 🙂

    Nice Kittys by the way 🙂

    • Malie BIFC
      October 8, 2013

      haha… you like my kitty? found it on the web… I thought it was cute and funny 😀 yeah, agree with you… someone like Bie can easy afford a luxury condo somewhere…
      he doesn’t even have to do his own laundry. It shows that he is like any of us… I think that’s one of the things why we like him.

  3. shiexengmoua
    October 8, 2013

    maybe he’s embarrasses of having someone else wash his underpants 😀 ROFL I’m just messing with ya Big Brother Bie!

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