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Cute story about Bie’s little fans…

Bie’s popularity … Bie does not only have adult fan-clubs, little kids love Bie the Star, too…

At the Happy Birthday Nine Entertain concert, even though Bie was the last artist to perform… he still had many of his fan clubs there to cheer him till the end of the concert. One of the most pronounce fans can’t be anyone else but Toon the Trainer who cried and refused to go home because he wanted to see p’Bie, his favorite idol.

He cried non stop… until he was allowed stay and wait for Bie. As soon as Bie arrived, the little boy started to have fun again…

*** source : 9Entertain (MCOT) (09.04.10)


Toon the Trainer

Since the Trainers have to go to school early in the morning, they were supposed to make an appearance at Nine Entertain event and leave. Toon (a 6 year old boy), one of the Trainers refused to leave because he wanted to wait for p’Bie the Star, his idol. No matter what his grandma said, he wouldn’t listen and started to cry at the front of the hall.

Chloe is also one of the Trainers. She said she would not go anywhere until she saw p’Bie. She said she wanted to marry p’Bie when she grew up … no matter what, she was going to wait and see p’ Bie… now with the two of them on strike, no one dared to go against them… afraid that they would cry at the same time

The organizer had to call Bie and ask him to come to the event sooner than he was scheduled to come. At 9 pm, Chloe got to meet her future husband and was happy as she could be. Toon got so excited, he showed p’Bie that he could dance to It’s Alright song …

Toon & Chloe, the Trainer

Toon & Chloe, the Trainer


2 comments on “Cute story about Bie’s little fans…

  1. Jasmine
    October 12, 2013

    Thanks for sharing.the little fans are so cute.

  2. serey
    October 13, 2013

    Bie look good as away

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