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Bie talked about Rak-Jub-Jai, the musical

Fast Entertainment (June, 2012 issue)

the cover

the cover

Bie… “Rak-jub-jai is the most enjoyable stage musical.  My previous stage musicals… Khang Lang Parp was a period drama.  The character I took was quite deep.  

In Ban Lang Mek, I had to be an introvert who was depressed.  He even committed suicide.  Rak-jub-jai is a romantic comedy.  There are lots of singing and dancing… there are many funny dialogues with language from the present period.  It’s a lot of fun and very enjoyable to play”.


Pakorn in Ban Lang Mek

as Pakorn in Ban Lang Mek , 07

Bie Sukrit as Nopporn in Khang Lang Parp, the musical 08

Bie Sukrit as Nopporn in Khang Lang Parp, the musical, 08

Sun in Ruk-Jub-Jai

as Sun in Ruk-Jub-Jai, the musical 2012

Photos from the magazine

inside pic

inside pic


Fast ent. 2

Fast Ent. 3

Fast Ent. 3


Fast Ent. 4

Fast Ent 5

Fast Ent 5


source:  Fast Entertainment magazine, June, 2012 issue


One comment on “Bie talked about Rak-Jub-Jai, the musical

  1. biefancambodia
    March 11, 2015

    Hi everyone and sis Malie, do u know if I can watch this musical from
    YouTube? I have tried very hard to search for it with Engsub and in full, or even piece by piece is satisfied. ;(

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