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How “Khang Lang Parp” became “Behind the Painting”

Khang Lang Parp, the Musical

*** I fell in love with Khang Lang Parp and Bie as Nopporn because of this trailer… After that I became a big Bie fan till now… I watched this many-many times… this is the first time I subbed it…  Don’t know if you will fall in love with him as I do 🙂 

Khang Lang Parp was Bie’s 2nd stage musical but it was the 1st time he got the lead role in a musical…  Broadway people saw this trailer and fell in love with him as well…  that’s the reason why he will be Nopporn for the 2nd time in Behind the Painting, the new musical NY version… 

I think I discovered this OST first before I found the above clip…

coming soon…

1.  How “Khang Lang Parp” became “Behind the Painting”

2.  Nopporn’s character 

Kang Lhung Parp, the Musical (2008)

Kang Lhung Parp, the Musical (2008)


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