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updates & About “Ra Wung Kon Gum Lung Gnao”

More:  Did you know?

The structure in MV “Ra Wung Kon Gum Lung Gnao”… the designer got ideas from Bie’s name.  Gumbie is dragonfly.  The two oval shapes, one on the left and one on the right represent dragonfly’s wings.  The structure was designed and built specifically for Bie.

Ra wung kon gum lung gano

Ra wung kon gum lung gnao

4 days to go!

4 days to go!

only 5 more days...

only 5 more days…



Here are some facts about “Ra Wung… Kon Gum Lung Gnao” or “Beware… I am Lonely”

7 more days!!!!

7 more days!!!!

According to Bie:

1.  It’s soul funk rather than funk rock (originally, it was going to funk rock)

2.  It took them almost a year to get a final version of the song… There were many revisions going back and forth.  It started off with Bie sending his ideas to his production team… They gave him feedback… If it was a yes, he would be submitted to khun Boy.  Khun Boy didn’t approve… the whole cycle started over again.  

** why work so hard on a song? Bie said they don’t have to work this hard on a song.  But, they may jeopardize the quality of a song. 

3.  At the beginning, they tried pop, then electronic pop.  He didn’t like the sound.

4.  They tried Pop Rock with a guitar.  It didn’t mix well.

5.  They tried to find the middle ground by going faster, then slower… nothing work… in the end, they settled on soul funk.  After that, they added more instruments by asking Rachadalai  orchestral for help

6.  Bie was involved with the song from start to finish.  He was constantly in conversation with his producer… i.e.  what kind of lyric, what kind of music, etc..  He also designed how to sing the song.

7.  There were at least 10 versions of the music before they got the final version.

8.  The only thing he was not involved with was, designing the dance.  

9.  Why “Ra Wung”?

Bie Said… the word “Ra Wung” has something in the word… it gets people’s attention. They started of with the word “Ra Wung”  then added the rest of the name later…  

Theme of the song:  “Beware… I am (feeling) lonely because my girlfriend just dumped me.  Don’t be too nice to me… don’t tease me often… you’d better be careful… if I turn to like you, you will be in trouble…” (just to give you an idea of the song)

10.  MV theme:  Mai Davika played herself… she came to do photo shoot while Bie was getting ready for a concert.  When Mai saw lots of Bie fans going to the hall, out of curiosity… she followed them to see what was going on…  Bie saw her and pulled her to dance with him.  Bie portrayed himself as in real life… how he prepared himself before a concert, etc…

11.  They worked on many songs during the  year.  They finally settled on this song as his come-back song.

Album:  Will there be a full album?

Bie:  “there is a possibility… if I keep working on song after song… now a day, it’s very hard to release a full album due to current market…  the current market is more for digital download, etc…

A full album comprises of 10 songs.  Most of the time, people notice only the first 3-4 songs… the rest of the songs in the album didn’t get any attention.  It was a shame since they spent lots of time on those songs as well.”

Major concert:

*** there is a possibility of a major concert next year if his schedule allows.  It will depend on Behind the Painting and where it’s going.  His schedule for this year is quite set… schedule for next year is still unclear.

Bie Sukrit’s life before and after the Stars:

Bie… “Yes, my life totally changed.   Before I became the Stars, I was in my 3rd year of college… I had a lot of free times.  I would go out with friends, played guitar, watched TV… breathing in and out with no purpose 😀

During the weekend, I would ride bicycle around the university.  Now, when I don’t have to work… I still attend singing or dancing classes, go to fitness, etc… when there is nothing to do, I would go out with friends.”

Did you ever forget yourself now that you are a superstar?… i.e… “my feet don’t touch the ground anymore” type of feelings…

I just want to be a regular guy… a singer… it’s hard to live your life when you are famous.  I used to have a very hard with it.  I actually went to talk to my boss about it…  I said “it’s so difficult to live a normal life”… my boss would say…”if you don’t want to be famous… then, do you want to be a nightclub singer?”

I know it’s difficult… but can’t walk away, yet… since I still have to support my family… I also have to think about my future as well…”

When Bie is home in Chiang Mai:

“A tour bus often stop in front of my house.  If I was home, I would ask my mom to close the curtains 😀  I am thinking about installing a sprinkler.  When a bus stop in front of my house, the sprinkler would automatically turn on and spray water on everyone 😀

A superstar like you can’t have girlfriend… khun Boy won’t allow any kid in Exact to have girlfriend, is it true?

Bie… “we are allowed to have girlfriend but we should keep it to ourselves.  There is no need to make an announcement.”

Did you ever think of having a real girlfriend?

Bie… “I do… someone comes and someone goes.  If I am talking to someone, my team  knows about it.  People around me know… I just don’t want to announce to the world about it… Even though, I get caught… I still would not admit to it.” 😀



what about Ingfah?

Bie… we are just friends nothing more…

We are just friends... nothing more (just look at his face :D

We are just friends… nothing more

Bie’ s current work week:

1. Filming Teacher’s Diary – 3 days per week

2. Study English 10-12 hours per day… almost everyday for  more than a year now

3. Take additional singing and dancing

4.  appear on TV shows, radio stations to promote “Ra Wung… Kon Gum Lung Gnao”

5.  Overall… he has about 1-2 days of break


9 comments on “updates & About “Ra Wung Kon Gum Lung Gnao”

  1. Malie BIFC
    October 24, 2013

    from this show

  2. Malie BIFC
    October 24, 2013

    and this…

  3. Pudding Lo
    October 25, 2013

    Thanks so much for your translation.555555 looking forward to MV, movie and musical…

  4. Malie BIFC
    October 25, 2013
  5. sugarcane
    October 25, 2013

    I wonder , did Bie give interviews and appeared all over the places on the same day ? Because he seemed to wear the same clothes every time or just wanted to keep the same image for promotion of his new song .

    • Malie BIFC
      October 25, 2013

      I know he visited 3-4 radio stations in one day (forgot which day). Some fans asked him that question in the past…

      he said it was for PR. They want people to remember him and his song well by having him wear the same (MV) outfit every time he is out promoting the song. So, I think we will see him in this look for a while 🙂

  6. doudoushu
    October 26, 2013

    thanks very much.

  7. serey
    October 26, 2013

    Thank you Malie I can’t wait for the MV and the movie coming out.
    Poor Bie working so hard but all the hard working it’s worth it keep up the good work we are love you.

    • Malie BIFC
      October 26, 2013

      I think the MV is going to be awesome… they put a lot of attention to this MV.
      For Bie, I hope he gets at least a day to just stay in bed and sleep 🙂

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