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[interview]: Bie the Star… “Kon Gum Lung Gnao”

Talk to Bie the Star who is gum lung gnao (feeling lonely)

** translated by Malie BIFC/ Komchadluek, 04/09/10

Even though, Bie was not the 1st place winner from the Stars… but whenever we talk about the Star, Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew’s name will be the name that came up first… everyone knows him and his popularity is maintained…

"Kon gum lung gnao"

“Kon gum lung gnao”

1. as leading actor in lakorn

Dok Rak Rim Tang is about to be on air. Since it’s a romantic comedy… it’s a very fun to be in. My previous lakorns were dramas. They were quite difficult for me. I came in to the industry as a singer… I was not good with crying… my acting was not strong, either. Since DRRT is a romantic comedy, it’s a lot easier for me.

khun Vee consulted Hungtu about his feelings...

khun Vee consulted Hungtu about his feelings…

2. which one do you like more, sitcom or lakorn?

I like comedy more.  Sitcom Nud Gub Nud, half of the character is me and the other half is a sitcom character. The character in the sitcom is a fun person and a positive thinker. The real me is also a fun guy and a positive thinker.



In Dok Rak Rim Tang, the leading character disguises herself as a boy… it’s different from other lakorn.

Are you trying to please your fans?

We are trying to please everyone who likes to watch lakorn… it would be good if my fans is pleased since this lakorn is very different from my previous ones.

3. let me ask about It’s Alright album

We just released It’s Alright album. People like it. There were lots of talks about it.

A full album – maybe around the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011. In the mean time, we continue to work on a full album, song by song… when my schedule allowed, I would go into recording studio or attend a meeting, etc…

4. each of your album would have certain dance step that is becoming your signature…

a team would help put it together for me… sometime, I would give suggestion… i.e. I thought of one step in  Jung Wa Hua Jai and the team liked it… other than that, the team came up with the step.

5. People seem to keep an eye on your album… to see if it’s going to be a success…

my thought on the subject… I would say let’s not put pressure on ourselves. Don’t let people’s talk put pressure on us… we should do what we used to do… half follow the trends and half follow our heart… make it fun to listen to and release the song(s)… then, let the album do its own work …

6. the word “no pressure”, maybe, it’s easy to say but hard to do?

I considered myself very lucky. I get to work with a good production team. There were news that said singers who wanted to change the style of their songs, adding things here and there, their production team would say… “why? we worked so hard on the song… how dare you ask for a revision?!”.. etc…

My team is open to conversation. We can talk. We listen to each other idea and how we want things to turn out. When we have time, we meet at a recording studio. When we are tired, we go out and get something to eat or sing together. Then, we went back to the studio again. We work and have fun at the same time. There is no pressure and everyone is happy.

It's Alright album

It’s Alright album

7. Did you ever have your heartbroken when things didn’t turn out the way you thought it would?

Sure… out of 10 songs in an album, people only knew about 5 songs. I was a little heart-broken.. for a short time.  I thought to myself… what happened to the other 5 songs? … why  didn’t they make it? When I knew why, I would adjust and try to improve (the weak point) on the following album.

8. which image, a singer or an actor, do you want to stand out more?

Both. I like both singing and acting. I came out from the Stars. Most people have this idea that I am more of a singer. But, I actually did a few lakorns. People now start to see me as an actor … which is good. People can see different images of me.

9. dance songs like yours has a limited period of life ?
I have to accept it. Everything in this world has its time. There is life and there is death. I was taught by a Buddhist monk. He said… we don’t know if we will be alive tomorrow. Anything could happen any time. I may get hit by a car… I may loose my voice… that’s the way life is and I have to accept it.

10. people are saying that you are following p’ Bird’s footstep…

Some people said there are some similarities between p’ Bird and I. I have to say thank you. But actually, we have a different way of entertaining people. With p’ Bird, he would play and do everything to please his fans and the audiences.

For me, I make it fun for everyone. I tease. I play tricks on them. Sometimes, I dance… I get on the sling. P’ Bird probably would not go that far. My music fans are from various ages and generation. There are little kids, teenagers, adults, middle age people and elderly people. Some people may like me because of my work. I have fans from the music side, fans from lakorn, and from stage musicals, etc,… so I have many groups of fans.

11. what do you think get you to this point?

I think it’s my passion. When you like something, you will give all you have to that thing.

ra wung 016

For me, I like both singing and acting.  As a result, I work very hard on both and I am happy to be able to work on both singing and acting. When you don’t like something, you don’t work as hard on it and you are not happy doing it. If you don’t like what you do, how can other people like what you do. For me, I am very lucky to be able to work on what I love.

12. Do you think you reach your dream?
I wanted to a singer, an engineer, a doctor and even a pilot… but I followed my dream of becoming a singer. I am following that dream right now. I act normal… maintain a good conduct and be happy with what I am doing.  If I don’t create problems for other people… everything should be fine …there would be  no problem…

13. Is it difficult to be where you are?

many people think it’s hard…but it’s not too bad. I still go anywhere I want to go… eat what I want to eat… go and have fun where I want to go or do whatever I want to do, if it makes me happy… and as long as, I don’t bother anybody else.

14. the younger generation of the Stars are being compared to you often
I feel bad for them more than anything else. I am used to this kind of things. I have been in showbiz for almost 4 years now. My skin got thicker 😀 They are new comers. They must feel very bad to be compared to me. Singto, Ruj and Ritz are all being compared to me. They are probably not ready for this kind of things yet since they just got here…

15. you are an idol for many young people, do you feel that you are being put in a box?
It doesn’t box me in. I still do things that I want to do.  I am lucky (to have the opportunities.)

I don’t bother anyone… I go exercise… I go climbed a mountain, go hiking… I like those activities and they don’t ruin anyone’s reputation. That’s the kind of person I am… You see what you get…

hiking 2

16. you are famous and have money now, how do you give back to family?

My parents don’t ask for lots of money. Normally, when I have free times, I would take a trip out of the country with them… or I would take them out to eat. We had fun traveling together.

My parents are regular government employees. They don’t like to buy expensive things and they don’t want to bother me.

17. your family… How proud are they of you?

I know they are proud of me… but they don’t say it.

In the past, when we ate out… and we spent 100 or 200 baht… my parents felt that it was a lot. Government employees don’t get paid that much. When we got home after we ate, they would list expensive items that we ate… or they would list how many times we went out to expensive restaurant in that month.

We are better now (financially). I would ask my mom to order whatever she wanted to eat. I work hard… we need to enjoy ourselves, sometimes. We are not frugal by any means.

When I receive a chunk of money, my parents would keep them for me… put them in the bank to earn interest… we live a very normal life… we eat whatever we used to eat. We don’t go out and buy expensive stuff. We want to save money for the future.

18. Bie’s affair of the heart

 whether I found anyone, yet… it is hard to find someone who understands my work. Anyone who is coming into my life has to understand my work. There is no set time in and time out.

I met and talked to someone in the past…. We didn’t make it … It was not because she was not a nice person. With my line of work, I just don’t have a lot of free time.

He looked so lonely in this picture...

He looked so lonely in this picture… (cr. as show on the photo)

19. someone in showbiz or outside of showbiz?

It was someone outside of showbiz. We were friends. We talked whether we would start seeing each other. In the end, I just didn’t have time for anyone. I decided to let her go… to find someone else better than me.

I didn’t want to chain her to me. I am not seeing anyone in showbiz, either. I only meet people from Exact. If I met someone, it would be from award events or at various functions. It is still very hard for me to meet someone outside of Exact.

20. how long have you been single and available?

It’s been about a year. I feel lonely sometime, specially when I go out with friends and when my friends bring their girlfriend with them. It’s quite lonesome. It is worst when I am home .”


he doesn’t even have a dog as a friend 😦 … people who don’t want Bie to have a girlfriend should read this….

When I met somebody, I thought this would be the one… but it wasn’t 😦  Most people I met, were friends of friends. Sometime, I asked my friends… “so, how is this person?, etc…”

*** awwww 😦  one day, you will meet the right person, Bie… I am sure of  it!

21. famous people have to sacrifice …by staying single

I don’t think we need to sacrifice ourselves. To me, love is a beautiful thing. There is nothing wrong with loving someone. I don’t do drug. I didn’t kill anyone.

I think love should be encourage. Marriage is a good thing. Therefore, we should not have to sacrifice our love life for our popularity.

Love is a beautiful thing

Love is a beautiful thing

Ok… any woman who is ready to understand Bie’s time & work… hurry up and win over his heart…


NOTE:  this interview fit so well with “Ra Wung… Kon Gum Lung Gnao”

Ra Wung!

Ra Wung!


5 comments on “[interview]: Bie the Star… “Kon Gum Lung Gnao”

  1. sugarcane
    October 27, 2013

    I think he always gives the answers cleverly and sincerely . Although he gets used to the same questions all the time , but it must be so tiresome.

  2. Nuch September Dlk
    October 30, 2013

    it’s not easy to find the woman that understand and accept the man that don’t have a time for them because they think it’s not secure :////

  3. diana khatthavong
    October 30, 2013

    Sorry to say this but he should get with noona. I think they make a great couple. My heartvn pray for him

  4. serey
    October 31, 2013

    Poor Bie when the rights time come the righ person will shows up then you won’t be lonely no more or Iif you feel lonely don’t forget you have us your fans we keep you company ha ha ha …….

  5. dalovekobori
    April 13, 2014

    i am sure that the right person will come to u soon ..let fate take care of it,don’t be sad bie.

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