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Bie’s comeback…

Wed, Nov  27, 2013

Bie Sukrit came back with full potential

After a long absence from music, singer/ actor Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew came back this time with a full plate, a new single followed by a movie. Let’s go and listen to Bie to see how things are shaping up.



Update your work
Bie:   New single “Ra Wung Kon Gum Lung Gnao”. MV is done. We are filming Teacher’s Diary at the moment co-starring with p’Ploy Shermarn.   Teacher’s Diary will be in the theater around the beginning of next year. Also, there is sitcom Nud gub Nud.

How long have you been on a hiatus?
Bie:  If we are talking about fast song… probably about a year. The new single is a soul funk style with a touch of R&B.   In addition to a more grown up look, this song is quite different from my previous songs… 

 your involvement with the new single

Bie:  every step of the way

Any change?

Bie:  It’s a new genre with a more mature look

other work?

There is a movie. The official opening ceremony was 2 weeks ago. So far, I did 3 scenes. I would say it’s harder to do a movie. This is my very first real movie.  In Rak-Jub-Jai, they brought cameras on stage, short scene would be about one page long.

For lakorn, there would be three cameras. We could get one scene done in one take. But movie uses only one camera… zoom in and out all over. It takes at least half a day to get one scene done… but it’s fun.  There is “Khang Lang Parp” or “Behind the Painting” the musical in English. It’s a Broadway project. So far, we are half way there. There are still another 50% to go and many steps to pass… we will keep working on it… can’t confirm anything yet… but hopefully, our road will end at Broadway.

Does your life changed after monk-hood?

Bie:  Yes. Everything that occurs in my life seems to be in harmony with Buddha’s Teaching. It helps to make my journey more enjoyable.  I am able to let go of not so good things around me. Many times, I would use Dharma to intercept bad things from coming to me.

Were you in monk-hood for a long time?
Bie: “11 days 3 years ago and 8 days 3 months ago. If there is a chance, I like to go into monk-hood again… for 7-8 days. I can study Buddha’s Teaching by reading books, pray or meditate at home… but when you are a monk, you can study the teaching with no reservation. When you are at home, this person, that person called and asked you to go to work… everything is work and work…  When I go home after work… I am too lazy to pray Mantra.

At the temple, it’s a ritual and you have to do it… morning and night.  Every morning, you pray Mantra before going out to accept food offering.  You eat at a certain time of the day. You study at a certain time. There is a schedule that forces you to follow. No one bothers you because you are a monk and no one comes and asks you to go to work”  🙂


photo by Maybie_BFC

how do you incorporate Buddha’s Teaching into your life?

Bie:  It’s about concentration. I used to be a person who would think about three things at the same time. My mind would wander during interviews, in classroom while listening to lecture…

Lack of concentration or unable to stay focus effects your acting in a negative way. When I take on a certain character, my brain would tell me to keep going… having good concentration helps you to stay focus on only one thing or one subject. You also need a full concentration when working on music.

Your love life
My plan is to get married at 33 and start a family right away. That way, I would be able to talk to my children. When I am 40 something, my kid would be  10… I think it should be a good age… If I am 50, I am afraid there would be a generation gap (between me and my kid) and we might not understand each other.  It could lead to family problems.

Your future plan
Bie:  If you are talking about my personal life I want to start a family at 33. I haven’t been look into a business venture or going back to school.

I am currently taking singing and dance classes. When I am 50 and can’t no longer dance, I would sing easy listening song(s)… i.e. take Jung Wa Hua Jai (Rhythm of the Heart) and turn it to “บอสซ่าBossa”???.    I will continue to sing if I still have energy to sing. As for lakorn, at 50 I would probably move into a father role. This is my projection of things for the future.

What do you want to say to your fans?

First of all, I want to tell my fan-clubs and anyone who follows my work…thank you”.  My fan-clubs and I have been together for 7 years now. Some new fans came on board and some moved on (with their life)… some might be too busy with their school or work… they can’t attend events… but at least, they still follow me and support my work.

I know it well that each job is like a new beginning. Some projects may receive good feedback, some may not. This song is a hit… the other song is going down hill… nobody knows what’s going to happen. But one thing that I know is my fan-clubs accept and like my work. They are an important group of people.  They help to spread the words, from mouth to mouth… telling their friends  that Bie has a new song… let’s go and download.

This group of fans is a very important group. I am very lucky to have a great fan-club. Before, I used to take them to do merit, to work on program(s) that benefit society. Now a day, they keep my dreams going by doing those works here and there without me and they would post pictures on the website. They go out and work in the name of Bie fan-club which is wonderful and I really want to thank them.

บี้ กลับมาอีกครั้ง กับความสามารถที่ครบเครื่อง


NOTE:  may not be a word for word translation.  Some were just a summary


7 comments on “Bie’s comeback…

  1. serey
    November 30, 2013

    Thanks Malie can’t wait for the ttranslation wondering what the question is and how Bie answer the questionI’m sure it is gonna be a good interview.

  2. sereynay10
    December 5, 2013

    Thanks Malie Bie always given a good answer it’s funny when he said he getting marry at 33 and start family right away go Bie get it while it’s hot.

  3. pam sourivong
    December 6, 2013

    I’m waiting for Bie coming back to NY.
    So what bie said when he turns 50
    He is continue to sing & play lakorn.
    Good. I mean he’s not boring as long as he has something else to do
    Bie always keep himself busy.

  4. Pudding Lo
    December 6, 2013

    Thanks so much for your translation, dear Malie.

  5. Zouaa Lor
    December 12, 2013

    Does Bie have a girlfriend?

  6. Malie BIFC
    December 12, 2013

    he said he is talking to someone…but he is not going to tell us about her 😀

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