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Bie: his Chinese fans, how he stays in shape, etc…

Bie is so pleased Chinese fans love him so much

02/12/2012 translated by MALIE BIFC



Bie is so pleased Chinese fans love him so much that they organize a tour tracking him around Thailand… also hints he just took photo shoots that showed some skins

Lately, we saw Bie-Sukrit Wisetkaew, the young superstar singer’s international fans at almost every event. The latest news was Chinese fans loved him so much that they even organized a tour to track him around Thailand.

Lately, we saw your international fans cheering you at various events

Bie: ”it just happened that my lakorn went on air in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.”

did they tell you if it was for a certain occasion?

“mostly when they are here on vacation, they ask my fans in Thailand to take them to places that I go… i.e. GMM Grammy building, my house in Chiangmai and KMUT… similar to an organized tour”

Shianghai, China

Shanghai, China 2011

Were you mom surprise/ scare?

“At the beginning, she was scared… later, some people would go inside the house and I had to say “No, you can’t… you can look at the house from the front gate. My mom and sister live there… please don’t bother them”.

will you organize a meeting with fans?

“We don’t have any meeting scheduled. I personally organized 2 or 3 meetings in the past. I had a birthday party inviting a certain number of Chinese fans. Lately, I had being doing some photo shoots, did some mini concerts… When I was in China, I had to sing at the award show. I was not hired to do it. Some offers were made but I was not quite ready for this new line of work, yet… due to language problem”.

learn any Chinese?

“I learn some key sentences… like teasing words but I can’t response back…”

A poll was conducted in China… the result was… your popularity was stronger than Li Min Ho… how do you feel?

“it was the Most Handsome Asian Star… it was a coincident that my lakorn was on air over there during that time… my fans probably remembered my face and voted for me. I am happy but other guys in the poll are all handsome guys”

does it make you feel like opening up a market over there?

”it’s the company prerogative. I’ll do my best with the assignments that are given to me and that should be enough.”

lately, you look fit and a lot firmer than before

“People told me that I am in a good shape now. I have to be on diet when I am working on a project… I don’t normally have time to go exercise… maybe because I also have to dance… it helps to stay fit. I am ok with the way I look now. More than this, I would look like Lobster Claw. I work with a trainer who makes sure things are under control. It takes at least a year to grow muscle. When nothing is left, my trainer would come and have me do some works”

Summer is coming, are you preparing to take photo shoots that show some skins?

“I am not planning to… actually, there will be my photo shoot with Attitude magazine. When we did the photo shoot 1 or 2 months ago, I ate a lot. I may look boated. Not too much excitement about my photo shoot. p”Boy, Takonkiet Viravan, my big boss at Exact was watching over (the project). There will be some sexy photos but no nudity. I have fans that are 2-3 years old. I don’t want them to follow that lead. I also don’t want my older fans around my mom’s age to have a heart attack … if you are asking whether you will see my six-pack… you have to wait and see…”.

you seem to care a lot about the public perception of you

“the company is taking care of that… for me, it’s whatever”



“บี้” ปลื้มแฟนคลับจีนคลั่งจัดทัวร์ตามรอยในไทย แย้มมีแชะหวิว


PS.  I don’t have time to translate recent interview… read old interview for now 🙂


One comment on “Bie: his Chinese fans, how he stays in shape, etc…

  1. sereynay10
    December 20, 2013

    Bie is so sweet I like how his body look in khukam .

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