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Bie “mum’s the words”… when asked about a girlfriend


Bie keeps a girlfriend hidden!!  he is following the saying… “if I have one… I will say nothing.  If you caught me (with someone)… I would not admit”... I will only say… Yes… Mo and I know each other well… but (right now), let me focus on work first”

Saying goodbye to the year 2013 with “khon dang nang khui” (sit down and talk to famous people), a conversation with Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew who remains the “People’ Favorite”. Bie is ready to take on new responsibilities and new opportunities that are coming into his life. When it comes to the affair of his heart, he keeps the door shut.


There were news about him and Mo Monchanok, his younger peer at Exact. Even though his answers to questions about his relationship with Mo were never a direct answer … we know that they are quite close. When the right time comes… he said he will tell us who is the mysterious woman in his heart… The right time would be when he is ready to make a wedding announcement!  Let’s listen to Bie and find out how he looks at life from his angle…

1. the preparation to move “Behind the Painting” Broadway

In February, I will fly to NY and will be there for one month. I have to learn and understand the songs. I am also taking additional English classes online via Skype with an American teacher. This time, I am going there for a Lab Presentation.  We will perform in front of 200 people, investors, professional critics, lyricists, and experts from Broadway who have been invited to the presentation. I did a presentation once… it was a reading presentation.”

Are you excited, yet?
“Not yet. I probably will when it gets closer to the date”.

Seems like Boy Takonkiet puts everything into this Broadway musical… are you under pressure?
“I have to give all I have with him. When I am down, I have to look around me for whatever encouragement I could find…”

Seemed like khun Boy is very proud that you were selected for the part. Why do you think they picked you?
“Maybe they liked my acting as a Thai guy. Thai culture is gentle.  Its people are humble… maybe they couldn’t find an American who could play a Thai person”.

The first feeling when you found out that the offered you the part
once I found out… my first thought was “oh no, I am dead!”. I have problems with the language. I left for home for 10 days, I would feel homesick already. P’Boy gave me almost a year to decide whether to accept or reject. Actually, he wanted an answer sooner. But I needed longer time to make a decision. I talked to my parents and everyone in my family. I also wanted to find out whether someone like me who is quite attached to home would be able to live abroad… what would I do if I were to be there for a year?”

where are the encouragements come from?
“I am not sure. Most of the trips I took, were about one month long.   Every times I came home from the trip… it was quite encouraging. After I completed my monk-hood, I went out and bought lots of books of Dharma. When I had free times, I would sit and meditate. When I was in NY, I couldn’t go anywhere by myself. I wanted to cry. Good thing that an assistant from Exact traveled with me. I was told not to walk home by myself or my mind would wander off.  It was quite lonely. It’s a lot better now. I showed my mom how to use Line. She was quite happy.”

Do you feel like you are carrying every body’s dream on your shoulder? are you rooting for success?
“a little… during the past (2 years), we were excited every times we passed a step. We would go out and party.  We would review what we did.   With all that excitement, p’Boy would say… “we are not there, yet… this is only the beginning of the next trip”. One day of happiness… back to work the next day.”

Are you worry that you might not be able to get there?
“I am not afraid… because I don’t think that far, yet. If I think that far, I won’t be able to do it. I must live with the present. I can’t be afraid of a brokenheart or what might happen.”

2. What about the song “Ra Wung Khon Gum Lung Gnao”?

BHTP 150

“Feedback is quite good.  I am also working on a slow song at the moment. It’s going to release soon. As far as plan for more songs, it’s up to my boss. Major Solo Concert – I haven’t have major concert for 2 years already. There is a possibility of a concert next year (2014). It could be a lightning strike concert… sort of like “Ok, let’s do it right now” kind of thing.”

Did you ever go against big people? 

“Sometimes… They will listen if I have reasons and if they think it would work.   When there were urgent works and I couldn’t do it.  I had to patiently explain why it could not be done. We tried to be rational with each other.”

3. the movie – “Khit Teung Vittaya” (formerly known as Teacher’s Diary)”

Lots of fun… I was a teacher from rural area. I co-star with p’Ploy Shermarn who is also a teacher. We connect to each other through a diary. The hard part was acting. I worked on lakorn and stage musicals… when it came to movie, they said my acting was so big. I keep forgetting to speak softy. It was quite difficult for me to adjust. I don’t know the angle of the camera. It’s a romantic love story with P’Ton who directed Season Changed in the past.

Some of the scenes were filmed in Chiangmai… beautifully done… I was so happy that I get to go home. My mom even came to visit the set and brought us local food.

4. Seems like you are still representing (Exact) at various events… do you still feel the pressure?

“At first, yes… but not any more. I am used to it now… I know what to expect, etc…”

When did you turn to accept the situation and don’t feel the pressure?
“I would say… monk-hood. When I went into monk-hood the first time, I learned things up to certain level. The 2nd monk-hood, I learned a lot more. I used what I learned and adjusted my daily life accordingly. I am still a fun and easy going guy but I am more aware of what I am doing.”

Are you happy with your life at the present?
“Yes… more than before. I received great opportunities. At the beginning, I thought I would be a singer. But opportunities opened up for me… I don’t know what’s still out there… whether I receive everything already. I get to work on different things.  If you asked whether I had fun with them… some were fun and some were not… but I had to do it.”

5. Talking about girl(s)… what about Mo Monchanok?

“nothing… actually if you are not a reporter, I would tell you… if you are a member of my production team, that’s another story 🙂  She is one of my close friends. We went to places together with no problem. It’s more like a brother and sister working in the same company. We have been close friends for a while.”

Mo Monchanok

Mo Monchanok

She is someone you are very close with at the present?
I have many close friends at the company. 

they said Mo is quite close with your mom?
Yes. When my mom is here in Bangkok, she would take her out to eat.”

when people assumed that Mo is your girl… how do you feel?
I would say no 😀 we are friends. There is a concept that I follow:  you got a picture, I would still say no… you caught me red handed, I would not admit” 😀

Aren’t you afraid people are going to say you just refuse to admit?
not at all

the girl you are talking to, will she be able to accept this?
I’ll have to see if she will be able to accept.  If she can, we stay… if she can’t… she still has to stay 😀

so, there would never be a day you would come out and say… she is my girlfriend…
“probably the day, I get married… I am thinking about getting married when I am 33. Right now I am 28. When I am 33 and whoever is there with me… I’ll marry that person.”

Mo was also being asked about you a lot… are you worried about her?
“She is very good now… I trained her well 🙂 it doesn’t effect anyone… I play around with every body equally. I hug this person. I joke with that person… same with every body.”

Mo was in the news with Mark Prin… people said he was just your scapegoat…
“I know Mark… I know the gang. This gang has the same manager. I went partying with them sometimes… they are very close to each other… there is no problem.”

6. Why, for what reason(s) you don’t want people to focus on this subject?

“If I work as a freelance and not for a company, I can make an announcement. But when I work for a company, there are do’s and don’t… news to clarify. Your boss could call you in for a conversation. There are many things involved and they affect everyone”.

Will she be able to accept it?

Yes and no… some felt bad… but there is nothing I can do”.

Are you afraid that your fan-clubs would go against her?
No… for my fans… whomever I love, they will love that person… or it’s because I never really opened up about someone… I gave silly answers and I made no sense when I was asked about my love life”. 😀

We have to give it to him… we haven’t been able to corner him, yet…



7 comments on “Bie “mum’s the words”… when asked about a girlfriend

  1. sereynay10
    December 30, 2013

    Thanks Malie can’t wait to know what’s Bie answer is

    • Malie BIFC
      January 3, 2014

      I am trying to finish subbing Khu Kam…just one more part to go… when I am done, I should have more time to translate other stuff

  2. Sumnou Sindhurat
    January 11, 2014

    Thank so much Malie for all information. Even though I am in Thailand I never read about this. Bie is what he is. No one can change him. We will get the answer when he’ll be 33.For his job I am quite sure he can fulfill his dream.l

    • Malie BIFC
      January 11, 2014

      yep… that’s the way he is… he must be under a lot of pressure during these two years… I could be very lonely in a big place… I am with you… let him fulfill those dreams first. He has a very tough task ahead of him.

      I wish Bie would trust us enough to talk to us 🙂 I’ll be happy to talk to him anytime he needs a friend or a sister to talk to… it could be very lonely in a new place when you don’t know anyone…

  3. sereynay10
    January 11, 2014

    Thanks Malie I like his answer if she can we stay if she can’t she still has to stay hahahaha it’s funny love Bie.

  4. dalovekobori
    April 11, 2014

    we all know that he very hard works to fulfill his dreams,,but anyways don’t forget to take care about ur health. wish u get whatever u want…from cambodia fan

  5. Z
    February 25, 2015

    Even though this is an older interview about Bie’s career, life, and personal love life, I thought it was pretty good. He answered them quite cunningly. The part when he said “If she can handle it, we stay. If she can’t, she still has to stay.” LOL I couldn’t help but laugh at his answer because it was so cute. ^_^

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