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By Malie Bifc USA

Bie is delighted…

Bie is delighted that people in the music profession said music in “Ra Wung… Khon Gum Lung Gnao” is awesome!

“Ra Wung… Khon Gum Lung Gnao” is the latest fun single from Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew… a young superstar.  The song is a hit from last year till this year.  This catchy song is not only a hit among fans, people in music industry enjoy the music.  Bie was very pleased.

Bie happy

“I am very happy that “Ra Wung… Khon Gum Lung Gnao” is well received by fans.  When I sang the song at events or shows, everyone would sing and dance along with me.  I am very proud.  Furthermore, I get to work with live band, professional musicians and have opportunities to meet artists from various groups.  After they listened to the song, they complimented me that the song has great music.  They like the rhythm of the song and the song is different from others.  It’s a soul funk mixed with a tiny amount of disco.  During recording, we emphasized on the use of live guitar and drum, and less on electronic sound.  

As a result, the song come out a little different from other songs.  Many people never heard me singing this style of song.  Once they got a chance to listen, they liked it.  They also said I seem to have grown up.  I want to give all the credit to my music production team and producer, p’Ole and p’Tik for overseeing the production of this song.  They are great and I am very proud to have worked with them.  At the same time, thanks my fans for their continuous support and encouragement… and soon I will have a new single for everyone to listen to”.บี้-เป็นปลื้ม-คนดนตรี-ชม-ระวัง…คนกำลังเหงา-ซาวน์ดนตรีเจ๋ง-/News-4625


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