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“Behind the Painting”… press conference cont…

“Behind the Painting” press conference in Oct 2013.


Behind the Painting is an adaptation of Khang Lang Parp. The main story is maintained… i.e. a young Thai man named Nopporn went to study in Japan and fell in love with an older woman. She died at the end. There will be Metake water fall. There is a need for us to adapt the story to fit the American audiences in order to bring them into our story… which also means one of the character has to be an American and her name is Catherine.

In 1933, there were lots of changes in the administration. Nopporn was 22 years of age… he was bored with his life in Thailand. He wanted to become an American. He liked modern things. He was excited that Thailand started to modernize.

Nopporn had an opportunity to go and study in Japan… which also meant a chance for him to go and live in the most modernized country in Asia.
One day he met Catherine. He became infatuated with her. His infatuation with Catherine made him even wanted more to become an American.  In his mind, America was the most modernized country in the world. Catherine was a woman of his dream. Somehow Catherine turned out to be the one who made him see the beauty of Siam’s custom and culture. Catherine would ask him… “how could you not see Siam’s beauty?… why didn’t you look at all tge beauty around you?

As a result, a guy who wanted to become an American but when he met this American woman, she made him appreciate his root and own culture more than before.  This is what is going to happen in Behind the Painting.  Many times, we don’t realize that we have beautiful custom and culture… people from other culture have to come and tell us.”

Bie admitted that he was discouraged and disheartened many times. He even walked around the street of NY with tears in his eyes.

“Dishearten, yes many times specially during my decision making period. November of last year (Nov 2012) was the worst.
At that time, I didn’t make decision, yet. I went to a tryout to see how things were done. That time I knew it already that I was given a part and they were waiting for my answer. I became so discouraged and disheartened. I came home, I was still discouraged…you can picture a scene on an MV… with me walking around the street of NY with tears in my eyes… Yes, that kind of scene happened in my real life. Finally, I was able to make a decision.”

It felt like I was alone and all by myself. I had to start new. I had to look for new friends people around my age. It’s hard for people older than me to understand. I didn’t know any place. Sure, I vacationed there before but it was still confusing. I was alone… lost in a big world. When the real job started, it was quite tough.. a lot tougher than I first thought. They are very punctual. You cannot be late. I was so stress out and there was so much pressure. I am not familiar with that type of lyric… they don’t use ordinary language. My tongue tied together when I spoke. When the whole room started singing… I was “oh-no… I am dead!”…

I can sing like them now… but not as good, yet…


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