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Bie’s Interview with Sincere Magazine

Bie’s Interview with Sincere (Chinese magazine) 11/14/11

1.  Paparazzi never followed me around.  Stars and paparazzi go together in pair.  In China, hot Chinese stars are being followed (by paparazzi)… pictures are released on regular basis.  Do you have that kind of problems in Thailand?

“When I went out to eat, I would see fans… they would ask to take pictures with me or ask for my autograph… no one would sneak around taking pictures of me.  I found out that the Stars who got their pictures taken like to go shopping in fancy shopping places… I don’t like to go to shopping malls… I like to go to the beach.  I don’t think paparazzi likes to go hiking or diving”. 

reporter:  that’s true :D.  who paid for the food (when you go out with friends)?Other than going hiking and diving… Bie also said he liked to go out and eat with friends or go to karaoke… the question is “who paid?”… looks like Bie really wants to talk about this issue…Bie laughed out loud before saying …

”this issue bothers me the most.  Every time, I go out with friends… everyone would say in the same voice that said… “you are a celeb, you have to pay more”…Does that have anything to do with anything with the bill?…

Reporter had questioning look on his face…then, Bie said…  

how about this… if you go out and eat with your friends?  who paid?”…

Reporter started to think hard and said… “If I go out with a woman, I have to pay” …

Bie asked right away …” what if you go and get something to eat with me… will you pay?…

the reporter said … “of course… no big deal… I can pay for you”…

then, Bie said… “great… I haven’t have breakfast, yet… someone just offered to treat me… come on let’s go and get something to eat…”

3.  you like to tease girls after playing a prank for free lunch, reporters then asked …you are very funny…is this your normal self?

Bie …”yes, I love joking around…especially with the ladies  :)))))  

Bie then made funny noises pretending to be joking with young kids. Chinese people are not used to celebs acting like regular guys….reporters became serious and said…”to all the young girls, after finishing reading this, walk away from the guy name Bie…beware of him…he is very dangerous (laughing).

4.  Impression of Bie from Chinese media…

After finishing with the interview…Chinese reporters told fans of their impressions working with a superstar like Bie… they were impressed with this Thai Superstar for being down-to-earth…when Bie got up and started to massage my shoulders…I was so surprised….never thought that any stars would want to build a good relationship with reporters like us…when we were done with the interview, Bie even patted (my) shoulders just like a regular guy….I even teased him…how do you know that I’m tired?…can you massage my shoulders a little harder?

5.  you lost your pants in front of Lao Fans…during his recent TV appearance in China, Bie had an opportunity to tell a funny story about himself…”

“Before I have my presence in China, I had concerts in my neighboring countries…but the most memorable one was in Laos….That day my pants were too loose.  As I was coming out to greet fans, all of a sudden my pants slide off my waist.  Luckily for my quick thinking, I put a smile on my face and started pulling my pants up.  Fans thought I was being funny and started laughing.  In reality, I was in shock!”

6.  Were you embarrassed?

Bie… “not embarrassed at all…. I thought of it as a give-back to fans :)))

Chinese reports started laughing and said…. “so, it was food for the eyes of Laos fans…”

7. First love at age 5…Got a chance to talk to a handsome guy for once, it would be weird not to talk about his love life. People often said boys tend to have a crush on a girl in Elementary school?  what about you, Bie?

“my first love happened when I was 5 (when I was in Kindergarten :)  she was so cute and adorable, and shapely as well.  But too bad that her legs had spots from mosquito bites all over.”reporter:  I don’t believe you had a girl friend when you were 5… and she even had mosquito bites all over her legs… you are just joking with me?

Bie got up and gave the reporter a neck massage and said in a joking and serious voice… “why would I be joking with you?  I am very serious”…

8.  tell me about your ideal woman…

I like an open-minded and a reasonable woman.  With this kind of work, I get home very late… I don’t have a lot of free time… sometimes I was in bed but when I got an urgent called from my boss, I had to get up and leave right away.  I’d like for her to understand and be able to accept the situation.”

When a Chinese star had a girlfriend or boyfriend… there would be news all over… is it the same in Thailand?

“There is no different.  With this kind of work, we are always in the public eyes… people pay attention to every move we make…”.

not sure if this is the magazine

not sure if this is the magazine

*** thank you Chinese fan for sharing the interview


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