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By Malie Bifc USA

I’m “Bie the Star” who loves what he is doing…

I’m just one of the stars and I like to be known as Bie the Star who loves his work…

 11/29/2010 translated by FC
Bie The Stars

Bie the Star

Handsome, talented, sunny, cheerful with good and clean image …. it cannot be any body else but Bie-Sukrit, the man with a dream, the man who had a wobbly step and who started off with zero.  That man is now a “superstar” of Thailand!

Bie... “Actually, I don’t feel like I am a superstar.  I do need to thank people who see me that way.  I like to be referred to as a “star” or Bie the Star.  I love both singing and acting.  Like I said, it’s harder to become a superstar… you need time to prove yourself…  at the moment, I like to be Bie the Star who loves what he is doing…”.

source:  the Star News magazine


2 comments on “I’m “Bie the Star” who loves what he is doing…

  1. luce bencalo
    February 6, 2014

    again what i said before Bie loves what he’s doing that why the result is great..he put his 100% to what he loves to do…when will i got to see noona and bie in a lakorn again?? how i wish..

  2. fujia69
    February 6, 2014

    I hope you’ll be this way forever, Bie: true to yourself, lovable for us.
    I know you’ll be ever loved from people and not only from Fans. A good person will have the good thing protect him: you’re a good person.
    Have a safe and happy life, and don’t forget that work is not all for what you live!

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