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khun Boy, the Stars and Bie…

Part 1…

Talent & Discipline

The purpose of  year 1 & year 2 of  the Stars search contest was to get the name out… to familiarize people with the Stars.  After Bie Sukrit was discovered at year 3, people started to keep an eye on the Stars to see who would be discovered next.

LIPS, 4/2011

LIPS, 4/2011

The show is similar to an imaginary world for the last 8 contestants.  When the contest ended, it didn’t mean that contestants have met with success…  but rather what happened after the contest and whether they made it into the entertaining industry could we called success.

“Once you step into the industry, you are no longer competing against 8 contestants. If you wanted to become a singer, you have to compete against p’Bird or Da Endophine… if you wanted to become an actor, you would have to compete with Tik or Ken Tiradeth. During the contest, we conduct a research while the show is on air. The research tells us what kind of person the audiences like. Certainly, we cannot control how people vote.”

In (Thai) entertaining industry, it’s quite a challenge to create a successful contestant from the Stars search contest. Building strong foundation of all-around skills are important to me and that’s what I focus on. This is not a “hit then run” type of work… meaning become popular quickly for a short period, then disappeared. I have to lay strong foundation for those who have potentials to stay for the long haul. It would be a waste of time to just get the job done quickly and over with.

I love my job.  If anyone thought that they could come in as a “hit then run” … I would say “go and work somewhere else… don’t come to work with me… if you come to work with me with that kind of attitude, I would say… you are insulting me and my profession”.

When you have the talent, you also have to have the discipline. Talent and discipline go together. Each year after the completion of the contest, anyone who can stay will stay… anyone who cannot stay, will move on. If you have the talent and the will to learn, and you want to stay… we will do our best for you. This is what’s happening in the industry. In fact, it really depends on an individual whether he/she has the talent and the will to learn and strive.

If anyone asked me whether Bie  is my “favorite”... I would tell you that,  he is not my favorite alone. Go and ask any production team members in Exact. Anyone who works with Bie, all love him… it’s because he came in with talent. If that talent was too low or not enough, he would train hard until he perfected the skill.

Bie Sukrit

Bie Sukrit

The first day he came into the contest, he sang off key and danced with funny movement. Take a look at him now.

Bie is about to have his 2nd major concert at Impact Arena. His first major concert was held three years ago.  Back then, Thai ticket major said to me… ” the only pop singer who can hold major concert at Impact Arena and who can sell  concert tickets is p’Bird”.  I scolded the production team for not doing their research (and for booking Impact Arena for Bie’s 1st major concert). But it appeared that Bie himself and his potentials sold all the tickets from both shows.  The occurrence was considered a new phenomena in Thailand.”

source:  LIPS magazine: The Latest Challange/ ถกลเกียรติ วีรวรรณ

KB -2

LIPS – 4/2011 -“the Stars”

Part 2 – 

Qualification to be the Stars

to be continued….


3 comments on “khun Boy, the Stars and Bie…

  1. Rose
    February 25, 2014

    This is why I love Khun Boy. He’s an amazing man. I love how much faith he has in Bie. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks! 😀

    • Malie BIFC
      February 25, 2014

      there are 12 parts… 10 of them are from khun Boy’s 20 years memoir… Very interesting reading…

      • Bunbun
        March 2, 2014

        I can’t wait to read more too. Thanks Malie for your work on translation. 😉

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