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[updates]: Behind the Painting lab presentation, 2/28/14

First of all, I want to thanks the cast of Behind the Painting at this lab presentation for posting news, info and pictures from the presentation.  Without you, we would be in the dark and would have been anxiously waiting for some news from NY… thank you and hope to see this team back on stage again and soon…

Echoing Sierra Boggess’ words…  “May it come to life again soon!!

Behind the Painting family, 02/28/14

Behind the Painting family, 02/28/14

the Dream Team

the Dream Team



list of crews

who’s wwho among the crew…

Warm up before show time:

"warm up" before show time (cr. khun Pornchai)

“warm up” before show time (cr. khun Pornchai)

show time…

can you spot Noppon? (cr. Pornchai)

can you spot Noppon? (cr. Pornchai)

Noppon, khun ying Katherine and chao khun Atikarn (Katherine’s husband)

Bie, Sierra Boggess & Thom Sesma

Bie, Sierra Boggess & Thom Sesma


(cr. Sierra Boggess)

Sierra Boggess:  “The new Maltby and Shire musical Behind the Painting! May it come to life again soon!!”


The fight for Noppon…

The ladies of Noppon's love Thai-angle...  by Ali Ewoldt

The ladies of Noppon’s love Thai-angle… (by Ali Ewoldt)

in the end, khun Ying Katherine and Nuan have to give him back to Pree, his wife….

after the fight...

Pree  with a big smile on her face… yes, she got him back :))

and… chao khun Atikarn is happy to have Katherine back…

the love triangle...

the love triangle…

Bie and khun Pornchai

Bie and khun Pornchai

SUCCESS!!!!!! yay!!!

SUCCESS!!!!!! yay!!! (by cattricafort )

"After party"... thank you Raymond J. Lee

“After party”… (by Raymond J. Lee)

party time!!!

“Origami hair at our goodbye party” (by cattricafort)

"Let's Party" by khun Nan

“Let’s Party” by khun Nan

Words from:

words from Sierra Boggess




We, Bie fans around the world are so proud of him, too!!!!!

from cattricafort


from Raymond


After 10 to 12 hours of tough learning and training, day in and day out  for the last 3 years , that moment has come!

the moment of accomplishment, of fulfilling  and proud… 

They travel a long road, still have more ground to cover… but at this point in time, let’s cherish those great moments… 

Congratulations on a great job well done!!! touching moment... "more than words" could say (from khun Prim)

“more than words” could say (by khun Prim) ……..  one BIG hug to someone who is so well deserved…

According to khun Prim, next step for Behind the Painting after this lab presentation:

  • Find investors 
  • Find theater(s) to do pre-Broadway test runs

BHTP next step004


5 comments on “[updates]: Behind the Painting lab presentation, 2/28/14

  1. fujia69
    March 1, 2014

    No one moment I’ve had a doubt about; I’m happy and wish all the people from Behind the Painting, all the Best. Congratulation for your success.
    So proud of you, Bie. Malie, many thanks for the news, you’re so kimd. Let’s celebrate.

  2. Bunbun
    March 1, 2014

    Hooo….so proud of Bie!! He did it! Once again he proved that he is really really The Star, able to take any challenges and deliver. He really deserve my adoration. I hope Behind the Painting will find alot of investors and will soon be on Broadway. I think it is where it belong…Boardway!

    Hip Hip Horay!!!

    Thanks Malie for all these pictures 😉

  3. doudoushu
    March 1, 2014


  4. sugarcane
    March 4, 2014

    Congratulations to all casts and crews in Behind the painting . I’m ,too, so proud of Bie , for all his hard work has paid off . I’m certain that there will be some investors (or already had) who are interested in invest in the show . I’m now looking forward to seeing him on full scale , in smaller theatre for a” test drive” very soon and then Broadway . Can’t wait !!

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