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Bie @ the Star 10 concert with updates…

Bie was a surprise guest at the Star 10 final round concert on 04/27/14 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, BKK.



(photo by Prisana)

(photo by Prisana)

photo by

photo by Chompoo (cr. Dragonfly Garden @pantip)

(cr. khun Sant)

(cr. khun Sant)







Bie congratulated Kang for winning the Star 10.  He is happy for Kang.  Kang has a lot to learn as a new comer.  Bie said even though he has been working in the entertaining industry for 8 years already, he is still learning.  

Bie is also happy that 10 Years of Love, the Star concert is very well received.  Tickets for the show on June 28, 2014 is sold out.  They are now opening the 2nd show which is on the 29th of June.  Tickets will go on sales on 04/28/14. 

After the Star 10 concert, their production will go into a meeting and put their head together to plan for 10 Years of Love concert.  

Bie is working on a new single.  It’s a fun dance song.  He wants to release the new single soon to get it ready for the concert.  

Will there be a full album?

Bie:  Probably not.  Now a day, it’s hard to make money from an album due to bad economy, illegal copy… plus digital download is the way to go.  Releasing one single at a time is a better plan.

Your most recent photo shoot for a magazine:  how come you had a shirt on while Hunz and Nike didn’t?

Bie said he was not in top shape when he had to do that photo shoot.  Plus, he took off his shirt before, it would be better to keep it on this time.  Bie said he heard some fans were complaining that he was wearing a shirt.  

Will there be a sexier photo shoot? 

Bie:  “This is sexy enough already”  😀

from Praew, 4/14

from Praew magazine, 5/14

Live interview:


The Star 10 final round concert

View from back stage





4 comments on “Bie @ the Star 10 concert with updates…

  1. fujia69
    April 29, 2014

    I don’t complain about he wore a shirt. He is right:This is sexy enough already!
    To much naked, don’t do good for his Image. I like wenn he don’t show to much skin. To hide, help your fantasy to imagine, and imagine is bettar as to see.
    Dear Malie, this is a good gift, today is my birthday, I thank you very much for every news about Bie. I got for my birthday Koo Khum, with Bie and Noona, DVD. Can you imagine how happy I am?

    • Malie BIFC
      April 29, 2014

      so happy for you… Wishing you the best, lots and lots of love and happiness, good health and that you get to meet Bie in person one day 🙂 Happy-happy birthday!!!!!!

  2. fujia69
    April 30, 2014

    Thank you very much Malie, your wish too, it’s one of the best gift for me. One day maybe, we’ll know each other and bee on a Bie Concert… hihiihih… I imagine now how wonderful will be this moment.
    Have a wery happy day.

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