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[updates]: the musical, love is definitely not a hindrance…

First of all Congratulations!!!




10 yrs of love concert062

Reporter(s):  Since GMM now has their own TV channel, are you going to turn yourself i
nto a director?

Bie:  not right now… maybe 5-10 years from now… I still need to learn and gain more experience.  If I produced a show, it would  sitcom, something fun… no drama… or some kind of a variety show…. but definitely not right now.

Updates on Behind the Painting
Bie:  We are waiting to hear from America. I will probably go back there around the middle of next year.  This year, I am in Thailand working and studying.  I am a full time student right now.  I have to take English classes, go to fitness classes, including singing, acting and dancing classes… so many classes at the same time…

Why do you have to take so many classes?
I have to… because their standard skill level over there is so high. It’s a world level.  My skill level was nothing. Since I have time right now, I have to learn and improve myself as quickly as possible.

Your main job at the moment
My main job at the moment is to learn. I go to classes 6 days per week in addition to getting ready for the 10 Years of Love concert. I am also working on new song(s)… on a continuous basis… when the right time comes, we will release the song…

Which is the hardest?
English… since I just started learning the language not to long ago.  Now, I have to learn the language at top speed.
Another one acting… Thai acting doesn’t work well over there… it looked odd to them. I have to adjust my acting  a little to fit with the Americans. It’s quite difficult. I am learning them by watching and observing their acting… how they go about this and that, etc…

your focus is on Broadway…
Right now, I am in training/ preparing myself for that place. I am also working on other work and taking classes at the same time.  But my main focus is on the studying.  This year, I am here working in Thailand... but around the middle of next year, I’ll be over there working… either in Seattle or DC.  I am not sure, yet. If everything goes well, I will be there for at least three months. 

You took a trip to  Australia with Mo?
You changed the subject already? 🙂 we had free times… so we did some traveling.  She traveled with her friends. I traveled with my friends. We were there for about 7 days.

Is she your special person?
We are friends… nothing special 

When you talked about Mo… you gave such a sweet smile…
I am a sitcom (fun) guy… of course, I would give a sweet smile 😀

not because you are shy…
not shy…

are you opening up about her?
No, I am not. I want to keep my love life a secret… to get people to keep guessing or think about it themselves 😀  I will tell you everything about my work… but not about my love life.  I keep my love life a secret.

So there is a real person, then?
No real one… I don’t talk about my love life… I will only talk about my work

Does that mean love becomes a hindrance to you?

no-no-no! definitely not! love is not a hindrance :)))   It’s something that makes my life full

Aren’t you afraid that the girl would feel bad?
No… we are friends… why should she feel bad?

Is she the only girl you talk to?
I told you, I will not talk about my love life

So, you are definitely not going to loose your tongue on that subject…
definitely not!  😀

source:  News Plus




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