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Bie: His feelings about Kwan jai maha chon, BTP, love life, etc…

After disappearing for a while “Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew” is back in Thailand working again…

photo by Umboshi

(thank you Umeboshi @dragonfly garden pantip for the photo)

Talk about Kwan jai maha chon…
“I feel honored just to be one of the nominees. In addition, I won the award for 5 years already. This year whoever the winner is, I am happy for that person.
Yes, it would be nice to win another year… but if I didn’t win, it would be nice to share the happy moment with other people.  This is a big award. Every time I won the award, I would receive lots and lots of congratulated messages… more than any other award. My team would also congratulate me… but I would say to them that you won the award, too. All of us made it possible. You worked behind the scenes, I did the presentation.”

Your fans…
“Yes, my fans were rooting for me to win.   It would be nice to win again.  The other 8 nominees are quality people… I would be as happy if anyone of them win.”

Are you concern that you might not win the award?
“Not really… if I didn’t win the award, it means it’s time to share the moment of joy with other people.  They could experience that happy moment like I experienced them in the past. I still remember those moments. I am sure whoever win will feel the same.”
Maybe the cabinet you keep the award is already filled up?
“there are rooms… if there’s no room, I’ll create more rooms.” 😀
Your current activities
“I study quite hard these days. It used to be 6 days per week. Now, it’s 4-5 days per week since I have to prepare for the 10 Years of Love concert, sitcom, lakorn and my music.”

The musical –  what kind progress you made so far?
I am back working in Thailand. If everything goes well, I’ll go back there again around the middle of next year. This time, I’ll be there for 3 months to perform in theaters. The purpose of the performance is to build credits for the musical and also to get feedback from the audiences. After we pass the 3 months’ test, we can then go and wait in line for Broadway theater.”
Where will you be playing?
We are thinking L.A. and Seattle, two places.   It’s not sure, yet… we have to wait and see… hopefully, when the time comes the theater will be available. I’ll come back and confirm the info again when it’s getting closer to the date.”

You seem to be picking up a lot of work lately… are you trying to make up for the time you were not here?
“Not really… If you noticed, you rarely saw me on TV.  Maybe some to promote 10 Years of Love concert. I am dedicating almost all  of my time to my study. My boss put more emphasis on the study since standard skill level over there is quite high.”

How’s your love life?
“Exactly the same.”

Did you meet or talk to any American woman while you were there?
“I met some but I couldn’t converse with them. When you want to flirt with someone, you need to see deep into their heart, right? I couldn’t even line up the right words to have normal conversation with them.  I still don’t understand the American culture that well.  So I thought, let’s be friends and be my English teacher.”

Many people want to know about your personal life more than your work. You are not going to open up a little?
Nop! I can talk about any subject except my love life.” 😀

When do you plan to get married?
“33… I am 28 now. When I am 33, whoever is there with me during that time, I’ll marry that person.”

Anyone in mind?
“give me time… don’t have anyone, yet…”

Why marry at 33…  IS it related to fortune telling?
“I don’t believe in fortune telling. 33 was just something I came up with… it’s for fun and for you to follow up with me. When I am 33, you can come and ask “so,  this is the person?   when are you going to get married?, etc…”

But what if you don’t have anyone at 33?
“that’s mean! If I have no one at 33… I’ll come and say… “Oops sorry, I made a wrong projection.”

So when are you going to open up about a girlfriend?
“at 33… I’ll talk about it and get married right after.”

Your parents… do they know anything about your personal life?
“When they saw me on the news, they would tease me about it.”

Do you normally tell them about it?
“Not really… most of the time, they would tease me and poke fun at me. They are more concerned about my work and my health.”

what kind of a person you are looking for?

“any kind as long as we are the right fit for each other. I have no spec. I am 28 now…. I met all kinds of people. I just want someone who understands me. That’s all.”

Because you are a superstar?
“no-no not about being a superstar. I mean to understand about everything, about life. For two people to stay together,  they have to understand each other and about  life.”

So, anyone is fine?
“Yes, could be anyone. The outside cover is not important. What’s inside is more important than anything else. I am not saying this to make me look good… let’s say I pick the most beautiful girl… but we don’t understand each other,  we fight and we argue… when she’s out with friends, I would be at home worried… why isn’t she not home, yet?, etc… that would not be a happy situation.”

what about Mo Monchanok?
“I am not answering that question. We are friends”.

What if there are more than one girl when you are 33?
“That would be wow!  lucky me!  which means more choice and more option.” 😀

Does Mo understand you?
“understands as a friend.”

So, you still insist that she is a friend?
“Yes, we are friends.”


3 comments on “Bie: His feelings about Kwan jai maha chon, BTP, love life, etc…

  1. Jane Jane
    June 7, 2014

    Good job, Malie. Thank you so much.
    He always keeps his love life in his own. No wrong. I support it. I wish him love and health.
    P’Bie, love you.

  2. Kayumy Bfc
    June 8, 2014

    Thanks sis

  3. Qinghe Su
    June 8, 2014

    Thank you very much for this。

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