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Bie’s new lakorn, plan to travel with family, etc…

June 9, 2014 Bie was asked whether there is a chance for him to be in a lakorn with Mo Monchanok Bie said… “With Mo… it’s possible since we work for the same company… It will depend on management and the right fit of characters, etc… Yes, there is a possibility but so far, we haven’t have a chance to work together…  and there has not been available opportunity. 12 rasee 019 I am about to be in lakorn with Noona. Filming will probably start around the end of the year. Air time would be the beginning of next year. In terms of the storyline, we have to wait and see. We had a rough discussion but no detail on character(s) just,  yet…    The idea of this project came from Ku Jin (the imaginary couple) and feedback we received from the latest lakorn with did together. Many people wanted to see us together again. That’s how the project came about. Actually, they put me and Noona together first, characters and script will follow later. The story line is newly written.” Any traveling plan? I am in the process of clearing up my schedule and free up my times. I want to take my parents and other family members traveling outside of the country... it’s a reward to myself. Whether I will ask other people to come with… we will have to see. If we are really going, all of us have to clear our schedule and work. I don’t know if any of my friends will be able to come. If they are not too busy, they can come… if not, they don’t have to come.” Bie ended. (P.S. in my opinion –  not any time soon.  Bie can do one lakorn per year.  This year,  he has lakorn with Noona.  It’s already in the plan.  Next year, we have to see since he will be working in US during the 2nd half of the year.   It’s possible…  but will khun Boy put them together?… this would be the question.) 



2 comments on “Bie’s new lakorn, plan to travel with family, etc…

  1. Jane Jane
    June 13, 2014

    I wonder who will be his “friends”. 🙂
    Thank for trans

    March 31, 2016


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