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[Interview]: Bie with Priew magazine, 6.14


Today, we can fully say that Bie Sukrit is the real star.

 A young man from a provincial area with a dream of becoming a singer… today he came far beyond that dream.  He is a beautiful piece of diamond that continues to shine.   He is also an exemplar artist who has the determination to learn and to always improve himself…  as a result, it lead him to become superstar Kwan jai maha chon (the People’s Favorite superstar).

interview 1


Bie:  The Star – back then, I only wanted a chance to become a singer and a chance to have my own album… but when I came into the house of the Star, I learned about so many things.  I learned how to sing, to dance, learn how to act.  Prior to the Star, I didn’t know anything about any of these.   Maybe because I came from engineering school that was why I didn’t know anything about the entertaining industry.  The Star opened up many opportunities for me.  The Star gave me a news life, a life learning experience and friendship.  If I didn’t come to the Star, I have no idea where or what I would be doing… probably an engineer earning a few ten thousand baht of salary.  

p’Boy Takonkiet –  people in the media like to say that he has a golden hand when it comes to turning a person into a star.  It’s true.  p’Boy has visions and he has a very high standard (high expectation).  When I work with him, chance of me getting simple and easy job is very slim.  It’s because he has such high standard.  I would also say he is 90% right.  Sure, there were times when he miscalculated.  But  if you follow p’Boy’s lead, you will not step into a pothole.  Even if you step into a pothole, I am sure it would be a small one… but you will never fall of a cliff for sure.

Changes –  what I receive from the Star is a life learning experience.  I still remembered… when I first came into the industry, I didn’t know anything.  I often got called into a dark room… I would receive a good scolding on how to conduct myself :D  “Why did you talk that way to that person?!  why did you carry yourself that way?!”  … then, I would say wait… I shouldn’t say that?…  I didn’t know…  it was quite a learning experience from being called into the dark room often 😀   Those were reasons why I changed.

interview 2

# 2

Fan-clubsI would say  that fan-clubs are a very important force.  When  a product is released into the market, we don’t know if people are going to like our work.  Fan-clubs would be the group to look at our work.  They also help promoted our work.   Sometimes when  there were damaging news about me, they would help clarified the news for me.  I am confident that this group loves me…  they are like family members.  Some may have drifted away… but the tie is still there.

Things that impressed me the most  –  I became many people’s inspiration.  When I was young, my idols were Jay Jetrin or Mos Patiparn… they inspired me to become a singer… I thought  they looked so cool and handsome.  Since I am now in the industry,  I have to provide happiness to those  who follow my work… provide encouragement to those who are discouraged or hopeless…  their smile is worth more than any amount of money I earn.  It’s valuable to the heart.

10 Years of Love the Star in Concert – if anyone saw the the Star 10 concert, I am telling you that that show was just an appetizer.  You will see many parts like that.  At the concert, you will see each person’s funniest moments or their most memorable moments.  It’s going to very fun to watch.  It’s going to be awesome!    I guarantee you that everyone will have fun at the concert.  Each of us gives everything we have (to the concert).











khun Boy on Priew

khun Boy on Priew

Words from khun Boy:

ดาบสองคม คือ “แฟนคลับ” ถ้าคุณทำให้แต่แฟนคลับดูอย่างเดียว แล้วคุณไม่ขยายฐานเพิ่ม แฟนคลับกลุ่มเดิมเขาก็เริ่มเบื่อ แล้วไม่กี่ปีผ่านไป คุณหันกลับมามอง แฟนคลับฉันหายไป แทนที่คุณจะพัฒนาต่อไปเรื่อยๆ คุณหยุดไปแล้ว ชีวิตคุณจบแล้วเพราะฉะนั้นแฟนคลับต้องเข้าใจตรงนี้ด้วย อย่าทำให้ศิลปินตัวเองเหลิง


*** thank you & credit:  

Photos: by You2Play

news clipping:  iAMMAi on twitter and Dargonfly Garden at pantip – thanks so much for sharing interviews  from Priew


4 comments on “[Interview]: Bie with Priew magazine, 6.14

  1. Jane Jane
    June 22, 2014

    Thank you so much, and waiting for engsub.

  2. Kayumy Bfc
    June 25, 2014

    Big thanks sis

  3. YadechJiranee
    June 25, 2014

    Bie is such an inspiration! ^_^

  4. Jane Jane
    June 26, 2014

    Thank you

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