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[updates 08.30.14]: Bie in New York… now back in BKK

Aug. 20, 2014Bie arrived safe and sound in NYC.  Bie will be in there for 10 days for a read through of Behind the Painting.  

According to Jeap Sopidnapa, producer of Jut Ruk… filming of Jut Ruk is scheduled to start at the beginning of September… which would be after Bie returned home from NY.

Bie posted the following picture on his IG about an hour ago…

bie's IG 82015

send Bie your support and encouragement @

Posted my message to Bie:  

my message

my message


08/21/14 – khun Boy posted the following picture

khun Boy:  "Hello from NYC"

khun Boy: “Hello from NYC”  (Chelsea NYC) 

Followed by Bie’s post


Bie’s tag line said:

 Mu-Yor guy waited in vain among New Yorkers # I’ll slap anyone who said this picture is not nice #the boss took it for me # grrr! “

Mu-yor... Vietnamese streamed pork roll... Bie's favorite

in case you are wondering… Mu-yor is Vietnamese streamed pork roll… it’s Bie’s favorite

August 22, 2014

tag line read:

tag line read:

“Huge egg # not talking dirty #but this egg is huge # problems or I’ll slap you”

August 24, 2014

tag line read:

Bie’s tag line read:

“It’s now Mu-Yor’s turn to take up the challenge… since I received so many of them.  

Please make a donation to ALS or to any other charitable organizations you feel comfortable with.

It’s fun and you get to donate to a good cause.
#your body may feel cold but your heart feels good

# I will not challenge anyone… but  you should feel free to do so
# P.S. I should pretend to be sick so, I could go back to Thailand # grrrr…”

08.30.14 – Bie is back in BKK

posted on Bie's IB 08.30.14

posted on Bie’s IG 08.30.14

Bie’s caption said… “A very beautiful piece of art #I’m an artist (too) # wish I could paint #there is only one piece in the world #because other pieces are not this one #I’m (back) in Thailand… Yay!!!


19 comments on “[updates 08.30.14]: Bie in New York… now back in BKK

  1. Rose
    August 21, 2014

    P’Bie fingting ! Take care for yourself 😦
    I miss him so bad…

  2. Sumnou Sindhutat
    August 21, 2014

    Send Bie my love and support, I believe that you
    can do every thing if you intend to do. Fighting
    and fighting my forever idol.

    Now I am in Bhutan, learn about Bie’s news
    from Malie thank so much.

  3. Jane Jane
    August 21, 2014

    Homesick. Bie, fighting. Just 10 days and will back home. Miss you 🙂

  4. Malie BIFC
    August 22, 2014

    they went to the park in Chelsea NYC today (you can see the park around 1:22 on the clip)

  5. Yvonne Lai
    August 22, 2014


    Fighting & never give up !
    We will loving & supporting you forever ❤

  6. chetharinnut
    August 22, 2014

    like bie forever

  7. Jane Jane
    August 22, 2014

    Just 2 days. I’ll count to 10 =))
    What dose “Mu Yor” mean, Malie?
    Love the way Boss Boy always supports Bie, nice bromance 🙂
    P’Bie, fighting!
    Bie got an Ice bucket challenge, I wonder if Bie would make it out or not. LOL

    • Malie BIFC
      August 22, 2014

      Mu-yor is Vietnamese streamed pork roll… we call it Vietnamese ham over here… it’s Bie’s favorite food 😀 not sure why he called himself “Mu-Yor”… maybe he tried to be funny

      I think he is under stress (the way he growls). He probably tried to control it by humor… I feel for him…

      the ice bucket challenge – I am not sure if he would do it… I think his whole focus is on Behind the Painting right now… He might just make a donation w/o the participation (just my guess)

    • Malie BIFC
      August 24, 2014

      guess I was wrong… he finally did it 🙂

      • Jane Jane
        August 24, 2014

        So cute when he said he had been pretended to be sick so he could back to Thailand =)) really love this. But as you say, he got a pot =))) (in a big hotel @@ couldn’t find a bucket =)) but a pot :))
        And, I don’t see any “ice”, just “cold water” or something =)))

  8. Malie BIFC
    August 24, 2014

    there was definitely ice in the pot 😀 have to watch with slow motion to see the ice

  9. pam sourivong
    August 25, 2014

    If I get a chance maybe I will see Bie in NY. Chelsea Manhattan Hello bie you always my favorite star.just figh for it be strong & sususu na Bie !!

  10. Jane Jane
    August 25, 2014

    Mu yor – My Vietnamese food, named “Chả Lụa” in Vietnam. I love it. My mother usually makes “Chả Lụa” for me, it’s delicious. Someday, if I have a chance to meet Bie, I will give him 10kg ‘Chả Lụa” =))) Hope he with eat all =))

    May I make a birthday gift for him with Chả Lụa? But have no idea about send it to him :))

    Finally, I see ICE in the pot. Must play slow to see it :))

    • Malie BIFC
      August 25, 2014

      He will love you even more (just kidding). I guess you can send it to him at Grammy building.
      I don’t know how long it would take to mail a package from Vietnam to Thailand… Since it’s food… it might go bad by the time the package gets to Bie. Maybe when you go to Bie’s concert, you can bring him some as special delivery from Vietnam 🙂

      • Jane Jane
        August 25, 2014

        It must be frozened if packed to send more than 1 days. It takes a lot of time for it to travel from Vietnam to Thailand. But if I have a chance to meet him in person, I will take it to him. You know, maybe he would follow me because this :)) just joking :))

  11. hotyuy
    August 25, 2014

    I can see ICE clearly in the pot too… wondering when p’Boy will join this activity same as Bie, hehe 🙂 just too funny that Bie dared to call his boss ‘a student trainee’. 😀

  12. Malie BIFC
    August 26, 2014

    Bie and khun Boy Ice Bucket Challenge… Bie was so funny…

  13. Malie BIFC
    August 27, 2014

    edited version

  14. Jane Jane
    August 30, 2014

    Welcome home, Bie. 🙂

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