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By Malie Bifc USA

Mo gave Bie a birthday party?  maintain… his love life is a private matter

Bie celebrated his birthday soon after he came home from US.  People noticed that Mo didn’t wish him a happy birthday via any social network

“It’s her prerogative to wish me a happy birthday or not.  Do whatever, but don’t let the world know about it 😀  Yes, she wished me a happy birthday… yes, we met some other times… but no, I didn’t see her on my birthday.  

Node from Jatt Rak
Node from Jatt Rak

That day I went to the temples in Amphawa with my fan-clubs.  My relationship… “there is no need for the world to know“… I said that because when I talked to someone… it should be my personal business.  

My priority is my work.  I would tell the whole world about my work.  Personal stuff, I chose to keep to myself.  I am a person who will keep private life totally separate from work.   If it’s about work, I will tell you everything about it. If it’s about my private life, I chose not to say anything about it.  Wait until I am an “old” man, I’ll tell you everything.” 😀  the superstar said.

Back on September 4, Mo and her friends had a party… many people thought the party was for you… 

Bie... “It was for her friend.  It wasn’t for me.  As for birthday gift, she didn’t give me anything special… it was just a funny happy birthday message. That was it.  Gifts I received, mostly they were from my fan-clubs… many of  those gifts were Buddha statues or books about Buddhism.  They know that I like these kinds of things.

 Instagram – I started to follow a few people already.  They are all about Buddhism.  Soon, I’ll start to follow other people.”

One of them would be Mo?

Bie… “I’ll start to gradually follow people.   In fact, I am not really into instagram.  Other people may see instagram as “their life”, but not me.  To me, my life is myself.  It’s better to talk to people face to face.  Instagram is only a service that one enjoy using.  There’s no privacy.  I signed up for instagram because of fans… this way, I can message them directly… when I saw something fun or something to smile about, I would post on my IG… ”  Bie ended. 


Bie responded to Mo’s comments about his IG

Background info:  Mo said she will not follow Bie on his IG because she doesn’t like the way he writes his caption

Bie... “She probably doesn’t like jokes  or funny stuff that I wrote.  Some of them were inside jokes.  Probably not to her liking “.

Are you hurt that she won’t follow you?

Bie… “Wait… you can hurt someone feelings over instagram?  No, nothing like that.  I am still learning about the Do’s and Don’ts on instagram.  I still don’t know who to follow or not to follow, tag this person but don’t tag that person, etc… I am not quite there, yet.”

source:  interview with Nine Entertain back on Sept. 5th.

9 comments on “Mo gave Bie a birthday party?  maintain… his love life is a private matter

  1. Fujia69
    September 23, 2014

    Very mature and firm in his ideas. I like him very much. I also think like him, private life is private life… about IG and other internet stuff, I think the same. I have some too, but rarely go in… Sometimes only for family, to watch photo and video, but for the rest I like to chat on telephone or face to face.
    I like you Bie… I like you Malie… and thank you very much.

    • Malie BIFC
      September 23, 2014

      thank you and you’re welcome 🙂

      me too… I am like you and Bie… our private life is ours and there’s no need to tell the world about it 🙂

  2. Jane Jane
    September 24, 2014

    Well done, Bie. Glad to hear that. Keep your private life for yourself.

  3. rosekwanjai
    September 24, 2014

    Honestly, I’m tired of these questions – concerning Mo – that the reporters always ask Bie. I want to hear more about his work such as his songs, his lakorn with Noona and etc., not about the same thing, especially about Mo, over and over. It’s very repetitive and annoying. Give us all fans a break and Bie too. I respect Bie’s decisions because that’s his personal business, even though I would love to learn more about him on a deeper, personal level but that’s for another time. lol I would like it if they do some fan service for us fans who loves Bie and Noona and give Noona that respect too considering the fact that they have another lakorn together. I’m only saying this because at the opening ceremony they asked him questions about Mo, which wasn’t fair. That day was specifically for Bie and Noona (plus the other cast members) but instead the reporters asked him about Mo. They – reporters – need to understand when it is appropriate to ask a question and when not to. Sorry. I’m just really annoyed with these reporters and their unprofessionalism.
    Regardless, thanks Malie. 🙂

    • Malie BIFC
      September 29, 2014

      the news sells, I am sure they will keep doing it. Many times, I feel that they put words in his mouth or they made up stories… Can’t trust the news these days 😦

  4. Sonia
    September 27, 2014

    Well. It sounds like he has a girlfriend. ‘Sobbing’

  5. Who is Mo? Is she an actress ? Singer? *Sobbing too*

    • Malie BIFC
      October 9, 2014

      she is an actress with Exact (same company with Bie)

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