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[update]: Jud Rak (Bie and Noona’s new TV drama)

12/31/14 – Countdown with Node and June

Jut rak 025


big boss was directing the scene earlier... Bie had to be well behaved :)

big boss was directing the scene earlier… Bie had to be well behaved 🙂

“it’s cold” Bie tried to get warm 🙂

khun Boy  is directing the scenes today

khun Boy is directing the scenes today


jut rak 1216


jut rak 120714




11/18/14 – still at Naka Island, Phuket.  Khun Boy just returned  home from L.A. He flew directly to Phuket to supervise the filming of this scene.  They started filming the following scenes at 4:00 am to catch beautiful morning light.

Jut Rak, 11.18.14

photo by nut_uncensored

jut rak 111821

*** click on the picture to enlarge***

 11/17/14 – Jud Rak team in Phuket

one lucky guy :)

one lucky guy 🙂  Jud Rak, 11.18.14

Kobori and Angsumalin got together again in another life :)

Kobori and Angsumalin re-unite  🙂

Jut Rak, 11.18.14

“go over the script”… Jud Rak,  11.18.14

(cr. jeabsophidnapa)

Phuket (photo by jeabsophidnapa)

11/13/14 – Jud Rak team is taking a break this week.  Filming is scheduled to resume next week, 11/17/14





6 comments on “[update]: Jud Rak (Bie and Noona’s new TV drama)

  1. Laila
    November 14, 2014

    I feel as if they’ve been taking a break since forever ago, because there’s been hardly any update. Jean usually updates whenever she can but these last few weeks has been very…dry. Whatever the case is, I hope to see more of Bie and Noona together next week. It’s a pity that Jeab seems to focus more on her other new (and old) projects than on Jud Rak. :/

    • Laila
      November 14, 2014

      Jeab *

      By the way thanks for the update. 🙂

    • Malie BIFC
      November 14, 2014

      she just opened up a new TV series, City of Light: the OC Thailand. Seems like they are filming the new series this week. I guess they will alternate between the new series and Jut Rak. They need to finish filming, specially with Bie… before he leaves for L.A.

      • Laila
        November 14, 2014

        Yeah, know but I kind of wish Jeab would of waited to film the OC since they only have Bie for a short period of time. This way they wouldn’t feel the need to cram everything.

      • Malie BIFC
        November 14, 2014

        yeah, I know what you mean. She said it’s going to be Jut Rak the whole week next week…

  2. Laila
    November 21, 2014

    I’m happy that this week has been a good week. I guess I’ll have to forgive Jeab for last week. 555 Anyways, like I mentioned at AF, Noona looks somewhat pregnant in the kissing photos. I can’t tell if it’s just the angle the photos were taken but she looks extra padded down at the butt and stomach area. It would be nice if they had a kid! 😀 555 The genre, romance/comedy, of the lakorn makes me think otherwise though. All I can do is dream and wonder how they lakorn is going to be like. I seriously cannot wait to see the lakorn already. Thanks. 🙂

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