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By Malie Bifc USA

Superstar(s) in a Superstar’s Heart

Even though Bie Sukrit is one of  Thailand’s top superstars, Bie  also has superstars in his heart just like everybody else.  Who are they?  Let’s find out…

Bie Sukrit

Bie Sukrit

1.  Bird Thongchai, singer/ performer

Bird Thongchai

Bird Thongchai

I like p’Bird since I was young. I like to study his songs. I sang a few of his songs at the Star search contest.

I had a chance to talk to p’Bird for the 1st time via phone in during the contest.  I don’t remember when I first met him. Maybe when I attended an event at a cultural center right after I completed the Star search contest.

I was walking towards my seat, I saw p’Bird sitting 5-6 rows away from me.  There were lots of senior members of the industry sitting in that area.  I stop and said… “Hello, p’Bird… woo! looking so handsome”.  As I continued to walk to my seat, one of my team members who followed right behind me said… “why did you do that?”.  I said “I just wanted to greet him. Can’t I do that?”.   Come to think of it, people sitting in that area must be thinking “who was that guy to come and greet p’Bird that way?” 😀

I like to look at his work with music.  When he was on a show, I saw how friendly he was with people and how he enjoyed himself.  When I talked to him, I would talk about something fun nothing serious.  

I don’t directly ask him for advice and he does not exactly teach me things.  It’s more like I would take notice of  how he gave interview(s); when he was on stage, I would take notice of how he communicated/ played with the audiences, or I paid attention to the style of his presentation…  those are the things that I take notice of …

2.  Jay Jetrin, singer

to be continued….

Jay Jetrin

Jay Jetrin


3.  Aof Phonphat, actor

Aof Phongphat

Aof Phongphat

4.  Nok Sinjai, actress

Nok Sinjai

Nok Sinjai

5.  Anna Chuancheuin, a comedian

Anna Chuancheuin, a comedian

Anna Chuancheuin,



One comment on “Superstar(s) in a Superstar’s Heart

  1. Laila
    November 21, 2014

    I wished he said Noona but then she is yet to be a superstar, sadly. Just a beautiful and great singer thus far. 555 Thanks. 🙂

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