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Bie gave an update on Jud Rak, Waterfall… [11.21.14]

Bie needs to clear up his work in Thailand to get ready for WATERFALL the musical which will premier in LA in May of next year.

Bie:   “At the moment, I am working on Jud Rak which I co-star with Noona, my “Ku Jin”. It’s going to be on air next year.”

Photo by Prisana

Photo by Prisana

How is it going so far?
Bie:  “So far, we got about or almost 50% done. It’s a lot of fun, specially with its new acting style and new story line.
Slap/ kiss style?
Bie:  “You have to wait and see. I don’t want to say too much about it.”
Your main job at the moment…
Bie:  “My two big jobs right now is Jut Rak and getting ready  for the musical which will be on stage in L.A. next year. There are lots of preparation on my part… i.e. on going practice and on going lessons…  When I have free time I would go out and promote “Young Wang” or just relax.

Official logo

Official logo

How do you prepare for the musical?
Bie:  “There are singing, dancing, fitness program, English lesson, acting, interpreting the script. You name it. It’s everything.”
Is there anything that still worries you?
Bie:  “Language would be the most”
How is it going so far? are you making any progress?
Bie:  “Yes… I am doing quite well so far… still have problem when I speak”
Can you talk about the musical?
Bie”  “It used to be Kang Lhang Parp. Now, it’s called Waterfall. Since the musical will be playing in America, one of the characters  is an American. We meet in Japan… after that we follow the storyline. Another thing that we add… Thai traditional dance and greeting. We want Americans to see our beautiful culture. There is also a beauty of a painting that we want to present.”
what about your leading lady?
Bie “I have different leading ladies every time I was there… almost like an ongoing casting. I have to tell you that.. over there the standard is very high. They select only the best and the most fit. They take the selecting process quite serious… maybe due to high cost of the production, etc…
the progress of the musical…
Bie:  “Performance in LA is set for May of next year and performance in Seattle is also set for September of next year. If we do well in LA and Seattle… i.e. receiving great feedback, make money, etc… we would set sight on Broadway the following year”.

NP interview 112022

What did P’Boy say to you?
He said… “Give it your best… it’s for your own image, the company and the country.  You are the 1st person to go. Price tag for this investment is quite high, etc… ” but mostly he said  “do it to the best of your ability”.
Bie:   “Not really. I can only give what I have. I told him that I would do my best. Whatever I have, I’ll give it all to the project. If he expects me to exceed that threshold…  we will have to see but don’t expect way and beyond…  I will give it my best. I know Broadway standard is very high and I’ll do my best to get there”.
How do you split your time?
it’s quite difficult. I wish there are two of me. I do my best to split my time.  Make very minute, a valuable minute.

Are you worry that you might experience culture shock?

Bie:  “Not anymore because I have been there and done that already.  At the beginning when I started working on the project, I got it bad. I know what is like now”.  

What’s your plan? when are you going over there?
Bie:  “the plan is for me to be there in April. But the team over there likes to surprise me. Sometimes, they would ask to see me for a week or so… it’s possible that I’ll be flying over there as early as January or February… it happens all the time. They like to say “bring him over here for 5 or 10 days. Let him read the new script, etc…  But our fixed plan is for me to be there in April for the preparation and rehearsal.”

NP interview 112016

Will there be any problem with your work on lakorn?
Bie “For me, I have to complete lakorn project by March. We are doing our best. I also want to have a short break to get ready before I  fly to LA.”
Leaving any of your work behind for fans?
Bie  “One lakorn which is Jud Rak. I am also trying to leave behind some new songs for fans.  I got my IG now. I’ll try to consistently upload pictures, etc… to stay connected with fans.”
Are you going anywhere at the end of the year?
Bie  “I am not sure, yet. I have to check my schedule and see what I have… and will see if I can ask for a few days off.”

Source:  News Plus

Interview with Jacklyn
Jacklyn: everyone is so excited… you will be the 1st Thai actor to reach Broadway
Bie: “Not yet. It’s still in the process. We will be playing in L.A. during the Spring and in Seattle early Fall of next year. If we do well in LA and Seattle, we can go Broadway the following year. I am excited, too. I think the peak of the excitement would be the moment right before I step on stage to perform the very 1st show”
Jacklyn: fans are worried and afraid you might disappear
Bie:  “No-no, I won’t. I am going to try to be more active with Instagram.  I’ll do my best to keep fans updated of my where’s about, what I do, etc… I am also doing my best to leave the product of my works behind i.e. Jut Rak, new song(s), etc…

photo by News Plus

photo by News Plus

photo by Rakdara

photo by Rakdara


4 comments on “Bie gave an update on Jud Rak, Waterfall… [11.21.14]

  1. Malie BIFC
    November 25, 2014

    Interview on News Plus

  2. Cale
    November 27, 2014

    Thank you for the interesting article! But can you tell me please what “Ku Jin” means?

    • Malie BIFC
      November 27, 2014

      ku jin – is from fans’imaginary couple. Fans imagine that Bie and Noona are a real couple (girlfriend and boyfriend) in real life not just on screen

      • Cale
        November 29, 2014

        Oh, now I get it, thanks:)

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